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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


beini-samr, a. ready (willing) to help;
-semi, f. readiness to help.
bein-knta, f. joint-bone;
-kross, m. cross of bone;
-lauss, a. boneless, without bones.
bein-leiis, adv. straight, directly.
bein-leiki, m. hospitable treatment, hospitality, = beini (2).
beinn, a. (1) straight; bein rs, straight course; beinstr vegr, the straightest (shortest) way; (2) hospitable (bndi var beinn vi ); gera beint vi e-n, to treat one kindly.
-beinn, a. -legged (berbeinn, barelegged; digrbeinn, thick-legged.)
beinn, m. a kind of tree, ebony?
bein-skeyti, f. straight shooting, marksmanship;
-skeytr, a. straight shooting, a good shot.
beins-litr, m. colour of a bone.
bein-strr, a. big-boned (mar mikill ok beinstrr).
beint, adv. (1) straight, in a straight line, straight on; (2) just (at kom mr b. hug); b. sex tigir skipa, precisely sixty ships; n b., just now b., b. essu, just then.
bein-verkir, m. pl., pain in the legs.
bein-vitr, m. holly.
bein-vxtr, m. bone-growth, size of bones (ltill beinvxtum).
beiska, f. bitterness, sourness.
beiska (a), v. to embitter.
beisk-leikr, m. bitterness, harshness;
-liga, adv. bitterly (grta -liga);
-ligr, a. bitterish;
lundar, a. bitterhearted, malevolent.
beiskr, a. (1) bitter, acrid (b. drykkr); (2) exasperated, angry (hn var beisk vi); (3) painful, sore (beiskr bruni).
beit, f. pasturage, pasture.
beit, f. a plate of metal mounted on the brim (of a thing).
beit, n. poet., ship.
beita, f. bait, esp. for fish.
beita (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to 'cause to bite', graze, with the animals in dat. (b. nautum), the pasture in acc. (b. haga, land, engi), absol. to pasture cattle (b. skgi); b. upp land, to exhaust by grazing; b. upp (to consume) engjum ok heyjum; (2) to handle, use a weapon (b. sveri); (3) to hunt or chase (with dogs or hawks); b. e-n hundum, to set dogs on one; (4) fig., b. e-n brgum, lgum, illu, to deal cunningly, unlawfully, badly with one; recipr., vi hfum opt brgum beizt, schemed against each other; (5) to harness (a horse, &c.) to a vehicle (b. hest fyrir vagn); beittu enn blakka mar, saddle thy black steed; fig., b. e-n fyrir e-t, to put one at the head of; refl., beitast fyrir e-t or e-u, to lead the cause; (6) to furnish (a vehicle) with horses (vagn at b.); (7) to steer or sail near the wind, to cruise (beita eir brot, fr landinu); fengu eir beitt fyrir Skotland, they weathered S.
beit-fiskr, m. fish to be caught with bait? (al. 'beinfiskr.')
beiti, n. pasturage.
beiti, n. heather (beiti tekr vi bitsttum).
beiti-ss, m. sail-yard.
beiting, f. (1) grazing; (2) sailing by the wind (cf. r-beiting).
beitinga-ml, n. a lawsuit about right of grazing or pasturage.
beittr, a. sharp, keen (of cutting instruments).
beizl, n. bridle; leggja b. vi hest, to bridle a horse.
beizla (a), v. to bridle.
beizla, f. = beisla.
beizl-l, f. bridle-rein;
-hringr, m. bridle-ring;
-tamr, a. used to the bridle;
-taumr, m. bridle-rein.
beizlu-mar, m. = beislumar,
bejur, bjur, f. pl. fetters, irons (foreign word).
bekkjar-gjf, f. 'bench-gift' (a gift which the bridegroom offered to the bride at the wedding festival).
bekkjar-kvern, f. water-mill.
bekkjast (t.), v. refl. to strive to get a thing (b. til e-s); b. til vi e-n, to pick a quarrel with one.
bekkju-nautr, m. bench-fellow.
bekk-kli, n. covering of a bench.
bekkr (gen. -s or -jar, pl. -ir), m. bench; ri b., the upper bench (along the north side of the hall, looking towards the sun); ri b., the lower (inferior) bench (along the southern side); breia, str bekki, to cover,

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