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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


barr-skeptr, a. high-shafted, of an axe (breix barrskept).
barr-vir, m. pine-forest; the wood of the fir.
bar-smi, m. (1) thrashing, flogging; (2) in pl., fight, row.
barn (pl. barnar), m. baron.
bar-viri, n. beating storm, violent blasts (b. ok regn mikit).
bassi, m. bear, = bersi.
bast, n. (1) bast, the inner bark of the lime-tree (bleikr sem b.); (2) cord or string of bast (s, eir b. bauga dregna).
basta (a), v. to bind with a rope of bast (bastar ok bundinn).
bastarr, m. bastard.
bastari, m. bastrope-maker.
bast-bleikr, a. pale as bast (= bleikr sem b.);
-lina, f. cord of bast;
-taug, f. rope or cord of bast;
-vesall, a. = -bleikr;
-x, f. a kind of axe.
bati, m. improvement, advantage.
batna (a), v. (1) to improve, get better; (2) impers., e-m batnar, one recovers (after sickness); the disease is added in gen. (e-m batnar sns meins, sjkleika).
batnar (gen. -ar), m. improvement (berja e-n til batnaar)'
bauga-brot, n. fragments of rings (given in payment);
-tal, n. enumeration of 'rings' (baugar), the section of law dealing with weregilds.
baug-bt, f. supplemental payment to the 'baugr' (baugak, veiti);
-broti, m. 'ring-breaker', free-handed man;
-btandi (pl. -endr), m. one who has to pay the weregild (baugr);
-eir , m. the oath upon the sacred temple ring;
-gildi, n. (1) the 'weregild' to be paid to the' agnates' of the slain, opp. to 'nefgildi', the same amount to be paid to the 'cognates'; (2) agnatic relationship.
baug-gildingr, m. see next entry.
bauggildis-mar, m., usually pl. -menn, agnates who are bound to pay or receive the 'bauggildi'.
baug-gildr, a. payable, fit to pay as 'bauggildi' (-gildr eyrir, -gilt f).
baugr (-s, -ar), m. (1) ring, armlet (of gold or silver) worn on the wrist,
esp. the sacred ring (stallahringr) on the altar in heathen temples, cf. 'baugeir'; (2) in olden times, before minted gold or silver came into use, such rings were commonly used as a medium of payment; hence 'baugr' simply means money; (3) fine of varying amount for manslaughter, weregild; (4) gaff-hook? (5) in the phrase, eiga (kost) baugi, to have a (single) chance left; ef s vri . baugi, if there were no other chance; munt eiga slkan baugi brtt, thou wilt soon have the very same chance or lot (viz. death); (6) the painted circle on a round shield.
baug-rgr (-rgjar, -rgir), f. an only daughter entitled to receive and pay weregild.
baugs-helgr, f. personal sacredness (so that one's death must be atoned for by a weregild).
baug-varir, pp. adorned with rings;
-ak, n. 'ring-covering', supplemtal payment to be added to the'baugr' (3); at-aki, fig., in addition, to boot;
-iggjandi (-endr), m. receiver of weregild.
bauka (a), v. to dig, to rummage.
baula, f. cow;
baulu-fall, n. the carcass of a slaughtered cow;
-ftr, m. cow's foot, a nickname.
baun (pl. -ir), f. bean;
bauna-lgr, m. bean-broth.
bauta, v. beat, chase? (sv bautu vr bjrnuna).
bautaar-, bautar- or bautasteinn, m. stone monument, memorial stone (reisa, setja bautastein).
baztr, a. superl. = beztr.
bdir (bar, bi, gen. beggja), a. both (bir tveir).
bgi, m. poet., adversary.
bgr, a. uneasy, awkward (verr honum n bg hndin); bgt var mjk um matbjargir, provisions were very scarce.
bgr, m. contest, resistance, in such phrases as, brjta bg vi e-n, to contend against, offer resistance to; fr bg me eim, a conflict arose between them; they quarrelled.
bg-rr, a. difficult to deal with,

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