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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(afflytja fyrir e-m); (2) to represent as unadvisable;
-fra, v. to misrepresent;
-gamall, a. very old, decrepit;
-ganga, f. (1) digression; (2) deviation from the right course (afganga gus laga);
-gangr, m. (1) surplus; hafa hey me afgngum, to spare; afgangs, left over, remaining; (2) decease, death;
-gelja, f. chattering;
-gipt, f. indulgence, absolution.
afgiptar-brf, n. letter of indulgence.
af-gjarn, a. eager to be off (afgjamt er fundarf);
-gjf, f. tribute;
-glapa (a), v. to disturb an assembly or public meeting;
-glapan, f. disturbance (ingsafglapan);
-glapi, m. fool, simpleton;
-greizla, f. payment, contribution.
afgngu-dagr, m. = affara-dagr.
af-gra (-a, -r), v. to do amiss, do wrong (ek hefi engan hlut afgrt vi ik);
-gr, f. transgression, offence
-hallr, a. having a downward slope;
-haugr, m. side-mound;
-hef, f. withholding, another's property;
-helgast (a), refl. to become unholy, to be Profaned;
-hellir, m. side-cave;
-henda (-nda, -ndr), v. (1) to hand over; (2) to Pay (afhenda skuld);
-hendis, adv. off one's hand;
-hendr, a. out of one's hand; segja e-n (sr) afhendan, to give one up
-hent, a. n. unfit (e-m er e-t afhent)
-heyrandi, pr. p. out of hearing; absent, opp. to 'heyrandi';
-heyris, adv. out of hearing, opp. To 'heyris';
-hlaup, n. surplus;
-hlutr, m. share of a thing;
-hlast (-dd), v. refl. to disobey;
-hrapi, m. impoverishment;
-hro, n. damage, loss; gjalda mikit afhro, to sustain a heavy loss; gera mikit afhro, to make great havoc;
-huga, a. indecl. having turned one's mind from; vera afhuga e-u, to mind no more;
-hugar, a. = -huga (-hugar vi e-t);
-hugast (a), v. refl. to put out of one's mind, with dat.;
-hs, n. outhouse, side-apartinent;
-hvarf, n. deviation from the direct path (opp. to 'gagnvegr');
-ha (-dda, -ddr), v. to scourge thoroughly;
-hylja, v. to uncover, see hylja;
-hyrning, f. by-corner, recess;
-hra (-a, -r), v. to cut off the hair;
-hfa (a), v. to behead;
-hgg, n. hewing off, mutilation; chippings.
afi, m. (1) grandfather; (2) man; a. eptir afa, in regular descent.
af-kaup, n. bad bargain (opp. to 'hagkeypi').
af-krr, a. strange, prodigious.
afkleyfis-or, n., -samstafa, f. a superfluous word, syllable (in a verse).
af-kla (-dda, -ddr), v. to undress; refl., afklast, to undress oneself;
-komandi (pl. -endr), m. descendant;
-kvistr, m. lateral branch, offshoot;
-kvmi, n. offspring.
afkmis-mar, m. descendant.
af-kynjar, pp. degenerate;
-kynjast (a), v. refl. to degenerate.
afl, m. hearth of a forge.
afl, n. (1) physical strength (ramr styrkr, at afli); (2) force, violence taka me afli, by force; (3) plurality of votes, majority; ok skal afl rda, the majority shall decide; (4) virtue, inherent power; a. daufrandi grasa, the virtue of poisonous herbs.
afla (a), v. to gain, earn, procure (a. e-m e-s); a. sr fjr ok frama, to earn fame and wealth; aflai essi bardagi honum mikillar frgar, brought him great fame; (2) with acc., to earn (aflai hann ar f mikit); refl., e-m aflast e-t, one gains a thing; (3) with dat., to perform, accomplish (hann aflai brtt mikilli vinnu); with infin., to be able (ekki aflar hann v at standa mti yur).
afta-fr, a. short of strength; e-m verr afla-ftt, one fails in strength.
aflag, n. (1) slaughtering of cattle; (2) gen., aflags = afgangs, left over.
af-laga, adv. unlawfully;
-lagliga, adv. = aflaga.
afla-ltill, a. deficient in strength, weak;
-mar, m. powerful man;
-mikill, a. (1) strong; (2) powerful;
-munr, m. odds; etja vi -muninn, to fight against odds.
aflan, f. gain, acquisition.
aflanar-mar, m. good steward.
afla-skortr, m. short-coming in power or strength;
-stund, f. fishing season.

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