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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a, a negative suffix to verbs, not; era tmakligt, at it is not unmeet that.
abbads (pl. -ar), f. abbess.
abbast (a), v. ref. to be angry, to quarrel (a. vi e-n, upp e-n).
abbindi ( = afbindi), n. constipation.
aal, n. nature, disposition.
aal-, in compounds, chief, head, principal;
-akheri, n. sheet-anchor;
-bl, n. manor;
-borinn, pp. of noble birth, = al-borinn;
-festr, f. see alasfestr;
-fylking, f. the main body of troops, centre;
-haf, n. the high sea;
-henda, f. = alhenda;
-hending, f. full or perfect rhyme, as g: bl (opposed to 'skothending');
-hendr, a. (verse) with perfect rhymes;
-kelda, f. chief well;
-kirkja, f. chief part of a church, opp. to 'forkirkja';
-liga, adv. completely, quite;
-merki, n. chief banner;
-ritning, f. chief writing;
-skli, m. the main hall, opp. to 'forskli, forhs';
-tr, n. trunk of a tree;
-troll, n. downright ogre;
-tlkr, m. chief spokesman.
aild, f. chief defendantship or prosecutorship.
aildarmar, m. aili.
aili (-ja, -jar, later -a, -ar), m. chief defendant (varnaraili) or prosecutor (sakaraili).
af, prep. with dat. I. of place; (1) off, from; G. hljp af hesti snum, G. jumped off his horse; ganga af mtinu, to go away from the meeting; Flosi kastai af sr skikkjunni, threw off his cloak; Gizzur gekk af tsuri at gerinu, from the south-west; hann hafi leyst af sr ska sna, he had taken off his shoes; Steinarr vildi slta hann af sr, throw him off; tk Gsli af sr vpnin, took off his arms; brf af Magnsi konungi, a letter from king Magnus; land af landi, from one land to the other; hverr af rum, one after another, in succession; vil ek vinnir af r skuldina, work off the debt; muntu enga stt af mr f, no peace at my hand; rsa af daui, to rise from the dead; vakna af draumi, to awaken from a dream; lka upp af hrossi, to open a gate from off a horse; vindr st af landi, the wind blew from the land; (2) out of; vera tekinn af heimi, to be taken out of the world; gruflar hn af lknum, she scrambles out of the brook; Otradalr var mjk af vegi, far out of the way,. Connected with t; fstudaginn fr t herrinn af borginni, marched out of the town. II. of time; past, beyond: af maga-aldri, able to support oneself, of age; ek em n af lttasta skeii, no longer in the prime of life; er sjau vikur eru af sumri, when seven weeks of summer are past; var mikit af ntt, much of the night was past. III. in various other relations; (1) iggja li af e-m, to receive help from one; hafa umbo af e-m, to be another's deputy; vera gs (ills) maklegr af e-m, to deserve good (bad) of one; fil par li mart af Eyvindi, many of Eyvind's men fell there; eru eir tlagir ok af goori snu, have forfeited their 'goor'; skalt af allri fjrheimtunni, forfeit all the claim; ek skal stefna r af konunni, summon thee to give up; (2) off, of; hggva ft, hnd, af e-m, to cut off one's foot, hand; vil ek, at takir slkt sem r lkar af varningi, whatever you like of the stores; ar l forkr einn ok brotit af endanum, with the point broken off; absol., beit hann hndina af, bit the hand off; fauk af hfuit, the head flew off; (3) of, among; hinn efniligasti mar af ungum mnnum, the most promising of the young men; (4) with; hla, (ferma) skip af e-u, to load

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