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Request for Assistance

Heilsa allr,

For the past few years, I have fought my personal time constraints to accomplish the task of typing Zoega's "Dictionary of Old Icelandic". This is a monumental task as there is not only the hundreds of pages of typing, but I am also arranging the dictionary so that it is more 'user friendly', and easier to read as the copied text is blurred in some areas and the edges cut-off in others. I have, or am, typing all of the vowels as well as the abstract letters from the Old Icelandic text such as Ø, Œ, Æ, and if memory serves correctly I have also done Þ. What I am seeking are some individuals to volunteer to type one complete section (letter) of Zoega's "Dictionary of Old Icelandic".

Initially, the re-arranged text, (once completed) will be made availible in the Norðvegr Félag website. However, my task does not end there. After the initial typing is done, I will be verifying the text and assimilating the text to more closely associate the translation with modern english. From there, I will expand the work done by Zoega by creating an English to Old Icelandic version. To conclude this effort, I will present the completed works to the University of Washington's Icelanic Studies department for final editing and hopefully publication. Anyone who volunteers their efforts in the initial typing will be credited for their efforts. Also, the name of Norðvegr Félag will be made highly visible in any publication.

Anyone interested, please contact me via my e-mail at

Thanks for your time and consideration. Heill ok vel,

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