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Of Fjornjot and His Kinsmen

3: The Lineage of Alfi the Old

Alfi the Old ruled over Alfheim. He was the father of Alfgeir, father of Gandalf, father of Alfhilda; Alfhilda was the mother of Ragnar Lodbrokar, father of Sigurd Serpent-eye, father of Aslaug, mother of Sigurd Hjarta, father of Ragnhild, mother of Harald Fair-haired. Harald the Old, son of Valdar the Mild Hroarsson, married the daughter of King Hervor Heidreksdottir. Their son was Halfdan Snjalli, father of Ivar the Far-reaching, father of Audar the Wealthy. She married Hraerek Slongvanbauga. Their son was Harald Battletooth. Later Audi married King Radbard. Their son was Randver, father of Sigurd Hring, father of Ragnar Lodbrokar, father of Sigurd, father of Aslaug, mother of Sigurd, father of Ragnhild, mother of Harald Fair-haired, who was the first sovereign over Norway.

4: The Lineage of Harald from Odni

The king was called Burri, who ruled over Turkey. His son was Burr, who was the father of Odin, King of the Gods, father of Frey, father of Njard, father of Frey, father of Fjolni, father of Sveigdi, , father of Vanland, father of Visbur, father of Domalda, father of Domar, father of Dyggva, who we call Tryggva, father of Dag, father of Agna Skjalfarbond, father of Alrek, father of Yngva, father of Jorumfrod, who we call Jorund, father of An the Old, who we call Aun, who for nine years drank the horn for the sake of old age, before he died. Aun was the father of Egil Tunnadolg, father of Ottar Vendilskraku, father of Adil from Uppsala, father of Eystein, father of Yngvar the Tall, father of Braut-Onundur, father of Ingjald the Wicked, father of Olaf Tree-carver, father of Halfdan White-bone, father of Eystein, father of Halfdan the Mild and Ill-mannered, father of Gudrod the Hunting-king, father of Halfdan the Black, father of Harald Fair-haired.

5: Lineage

The son of Odin King of the Gods was called Skjold. He was the father of Fridleif, father of Frid-Froda, father of Fridleif, father of Havard the Strong-fisted, father of Frodi, father of Vermund the Wise, father of Olaf the Humble, father of Dan the Proud, father of Frodi the Peaceful, father of Fridleif, father of Frodi the Valiant, father of Ingjald Starkadarfostra, father of Hraerek Hnoggvanbauga, father of Halfdan, father of Hraerek Slongvanbauga, father of Harald Battle-tooth. The brother of Harald was Randver, father of Sigurd Hring. They are thus the pedigree of King Harald Fair-haired, as was told before.

6: The Lineage of Harald from Adam

Adam was the first man that God made. Seth was his son, and his son Enos, and his son Kaynan, and his son Malaleel, his son Phareth, his son Enoch, his son Mathusela the Old, his son Lamech -- they perished in the first age of the world -- his son was Noi, who made the ark, and his son Japet, his son Japhan, his son Zechim, his son Ciprus, his son Cretus or Celius, his son Saturnus in Crete, his son Jupiter, his son Darius, his son Erichonius, his son Troeg, his son Ilus, his son Lamidon, his son Priam the main king. The king in Troy was called Munnon or Mennon . He married Troana, daughter of King Priam; His son was called Tror, who we call Thor, his son was Lorich, who we call Hlorrid, and his son Eredei, who we call Eindrida, his son Vingithorr, his son Vinginer, his son Modi, his son Magi, who we call Magna, his son Seseph, his son Bediugg, his son Atra, his son Trinan, his son Heremoth, who we call Hermod, his son Skjaldin, who we call Skjoldr, his son Beaf, who w e call Bjar, his son Godolf, his son Burri, who we call Finn, his son Frjalaf, who we call Bors, his son Voden, who we call Odin. He was the king of the Turks. His son Skjold, his son Fridleif, his son Frid-Frodi, his son Herleif, his son Havarr the Strong-fisted, his son Frodi, his son Vemund the Wise, his daughter Olof. She was the mother of Froda the Peaceful. His son Fridleif, his son Frodi the Valiant, his son Halfdan, his son Hroarr, his son Valdarr the Mild, his son Harald the Old, his son Halfdan Snjalli, his son Ivarr the Far-reaching, his daughter Audr the Wealthy, her son Randver, his son Sigurd Hring, his son Ragnar Lodbrok, his son Sigurdr Serpent-eye, his daughter Aslaug, her son Sigurd Hjart, his daughter Ragnhild, her son Harald Fair-haired. This count was one less than seventeen on both tallies.

7: How the Kings Founded Norway

The son of Harald Fair-haired was named Sigurd the Bastard, his son Halfdan, his son Sigurd the Sow, his son Harald Hardrade, brother of Saint Olaf, his son Olaf the Quiet, his son Magnus Berbeinn, his son Harald Gille, his son Sigurd Axe-edge, his son Sverri Magnus, his son Hakon the Lamented, his son Hakon the Old, his son Magnus, who sent the law-book to Iceland, which is called Jons-book, his son Hakon Halegg, his daughter Ingibjorg, her son Magnus the Good Eiriksson the Long-leader, his son Hakon, his son Olaf, who was ten years old when his father died. He was king over Norway, Denmark, and all the tributaries which lie there, and rightful heir of all Sweden, which was held by Albrikt, son of Maekinborgargreifa; he was the nephew of King Magnus the Good, grandfather of Olaf. This Olaf was named after the holy King Olaf Haraldsson, after his own guidance. He was king when the book was written. They proceeded from the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, mccclxxx and vij years (AD 1387).

8: List of the Chieftains of Norway

These are the people who ruled Norway: King Olaf, who is spoken of now, then King Hakon, then King Magnus the Good,, then Hakon Halegg, then Eirik and Magnus, then Magnus, who wrote the book, then Hakon the Young at the same time as Hakon the Old, his father, then Ingi Bardarson and Erling Steinvegg, and Philippus Baglakonungur, then Hakon the Lamented, then Sverri the Magnus and many false kings of his day, then Magnus Erlingsson and Eysteinn Birkibein, then Hakon the Broad Shouldered, then Ingi the Cripple, and Eysteinn and Sigurd Axe-edge then Harald Gillechrist, and Magnus the Blind and Sigurd Slembidjakan, then Sigurd Jorsalafari, Eysteinn and Olafr, then Magnus Berbeinn, and Hakon Thorisfostri, then Olaf the Quiet and Magnus, father of Hakon Thorisfostri, then Harald Hardrade, and Magnus the Rich, son of Saint Olaf, then the unforeseen king, Svenn Alfifuson and Knut the Powerful, then Saint Olaf Haraldsson, then Earl Eirek, Earl Sveinn, and Earl Hakon, then O laf Tryggvason, then Hakon Blotearl the Powerful, then Harald Grafeld, then Harald Adalsteinsfostri, then Eirek Blood-axe, then Harald Fair-haired, who was the first sovereign king over all of Norway, as is found in the sagas.

9: King Olaf Hakonarson Disappeared

A few years later, it is said that King Olaf Hakonarson disappeared. The Danes said that he died, but the Northmen did not want to believe this. Then Queen Margreta, mother of King Olaf , and daughter of Valdamar King of the Danes, was made sovereign over Norway and Denmark, after she had Albrikt seized.

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