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The Saga of Hromund Gripsson

Chapter 10

After that, King Olaf gathered his troop, and afterwards sailed to Sweden. Hromund went with him. They surprised King Halding's hall. The king was in an outbuilding. He was unaware of the attack until the door of the building was broken down. Halding called to his men and asked them about this night attack. Hromund spoke to him.

The king said: "You will avenge your brothers."

Hromund said he should say little about the fall of his brothers, "Now you will pay, and here dispense with your life."

Then up ran one of King Halding's warriors who was as big as a giant. Hromund killed him. King Halding was the worst for sorcery, and got no wounds, so that whenever Hromund struck him, the flat of his sword struck the king. The Hromund took a club, laid about King Halding and sent him to Hell. Then Hromund said:

"Here I have felled King Halding, and I have never seen so valiant a man."

The man Blind, who was also named Bavis, was bound and hanged, and so fulfilled his dream. There they took great gold and other wealth, then afterwards sailed home.

King Olaf gave Svanhvit in marriage to Hromund. They loved each other greatly, and had sons and daughters together who were excellent people. From them, royal dynasties and great warriors trace their lineage.

Here ends the saga of Hromund Gripsson.

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