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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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The Saga of Hromund Gripsson

Chapter 3

Now Hromund searched the ship and he found one man hiding up in the prow. He asked this man his name. The man said he was called Helgi the Valiant, and that he was the brother of Hrongvid, --"and I cannot bear to sue for peace." Hromund allowed Helgi the Valiant time to heal his wounds, and later he sailed to Sweden and became a land-warder there.

King Olaf sailed west to the Hebrides with his fleet, and here they went ashore and rounded up a herd of cattle. A farmer lived nearby. The king's men took his cow and drove it down to the ships. He was greatly grieved by that loss. Hromund came and asked him where he dwelt. The man said that his name was Mani, and that he lived a short way away, and added that it would be a greater deed for them to break into a barrow and rob the drow's wealth. Hromund asked him to tell him if he knew anything about that. Mani said that certainly he knew and added: "Thrain, who conquered Gaul and was king there, he who was a great and mighty berserk, and an excellent sorcerer - he entered a barrow with his sword, armour and much wealth. But you must go there quickly."

Hromund asked how long it would take them to sail there. Mani said that they should sail due south for six days. Hromund thanked the man for this information, gave him his wealth and let him take back his cow. Then they sailed as the man had advised them, and in six days' time they saw the barrow before the prow of the ship.

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