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Northern Fiction

       It is our hope to showcase fictional works that would appeal to followers of the Northern Way in some way. We hope that by showcasing their work here that the authors might gain better exposure for their work. If you would like to submit a work here please feel free to contact Alfta at and put "Northern Fiction" in the subject line of the e-Mail.

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> The Saga of Freydis Eiriksdatter: Land-taker of Vinland
> Blood Eagle
> Going Underground
> Dark Sail on the Horizon
> Isle of Shadows
> Dragons of the Dumb Sea
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   Experiance the magic, the pain, the terror, and the joy of exotic climes and ancient peoples. Tighten your belts and loosen your swords for the mists of time and space oft spread their shadowy folds to reveal the abodes of gods and monsters of many kinds . . .

The Saga of Freydis Eiriksdatter: Landtaker of Vinland

by Hank Meeske

     "Freydis was the last of the pagan holdouts when her half-brother Leif the lucky forced Christianity upon the pagan Greenlanders. Freydis was a priestess and shaman of the old religion, explorer, adventuring landtaker in Vinland, berserk warrior who saved settlers from Native American massacre and the only recorded Viking to conduct several profitable trading voyages to Vinland. I associate her with the lost Vinland settlement of Norumbega sought by Verranzano and other later explorers in the area where the Newport Tower in Rhode Island stands to this day. I link this settlement with efforts by Pope Gregory the Great to bring all the West under the dictates of Rome and a crusade to erase all traces of paganism in Vinland."

      We at the Midhnott Sol Regintroth are pleased to bring you the first five chapters of The Saga of Freydis Eiriksdatter: Landtaker of Vinland. If you have comments or would like to contact the author send an e-mail to Click here for the Chapter Index.


Dark Sail On the Horizon

by Gavin Chappell

 'I SHALL HUNT ULF-HEDIN DOWN, by sea-way or land-way, on the waves or beneath the trees. I shall regain my loved ones. And I shall slay Ulf-Hedin with the sword Dainsleif, or else die in the attempt. But I shall not rest until he or I lie dead.'
         Halldor gripped Erik's wrist.
         'This I too swear,' he said quietly, his face sombre.
         Gudrun stepped forward, and did the same.
         'I too swear to be Ulf-Hedin's bane or die in the attempt,' she said,
gazing up into the eye of the sun. 'In the name of all the gods, Odin, Thor, Frey and all the holy powers do I swear this.' She turned to face the crew. 'Who of you will join us in this venture?' she called.

The seas of Northern Europe, one thousand years ago. As the first Christian millennium draws to a close, the old ways of the heathen Vikings are on the wane. A Christian king sits upon the throne of Norway, bringing a religion of peace and humility with fire and the sword. The reign of the Vikings nears its close, while far to the east, dark forces stir, ready to snatch the kingdom of Asgard from the Gods. It is against this backdrop that Erik the Cunning, Halldor the Honourable and Gudrun Ravenseye plough the waves. Merchants of Norse descent from Northern England, their peaceful trading voyage to Denmark is transformed into a wild quest for vengeance, when they are attacked by the evil pirate-wizard Ulf-Hedin, prompting them to embark upon a feud as bloody as any waged by their savage ancestors. Across the seas they must pursue their foe, a man immune to mortal weapons. From the isles of Orkney to the kingdom of Norway, and on into the cold Arctic Sea and the lands of the giants beyond they sail, with vengeance in their hearts, desperate to discover a means to despatch their seemingly invulnerable foe. And even when the success of their quest is prophesised by the spirit of a long dead witch, it grows clear that nothing is simple in a world of warriors and wizardry... If you would like to contact the author you can sned an e-Mail to and we will forward it to the author.
Click here for chapter index.

Isle Of Shadows

by Gavin Chappell

Part of the Red Daughter Series, Isle Of Shadows involves Vikings, Celts, treasure quests, trickery and treachery, monsters and myth, in Ireland and the Hebrides during the early years of the tenth century. The heroine is the semi-mythical Red Daughter, a shieldmaiden mentioned in the War of the Gaedhil with the Gall, and possibly referred to in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum. If you would like to contact the author you can sned an e-Mail to and we will forward it to the author.

Click here for chapter index.

The Blood Eagle

By Gavin Chappell

Another in the Red Daughter series, Blood Eagle explores the negative stereotyping of heathenism, blood-eagles, berserks, rape, rapine, and a lack of respect for other religions. Set in the depths of the Viking Age, but with something of a message for modern heathens too.If you would like to contact the author you can sned an e-Mail to and we will forward it to the author.

Click here for chapter index.

Dragons of the Dumb Sea

By Gavin Chappell

An adaptation of the first few chapters of Gull-Thoris Saga, which concern themselves with how the hero made his fortune in youth, during a voyage to a mysterious island somewhere beyond the Arctic. If you would like to contact the author you can sned an e-Mail to and we will forward it to the author.

Click here for chapter index.

Going Underground

By Gavin Chappell

Going Underground and other stories is a collection of interconnected short stories chronicling the adventures of a group of New Age Travelers on the seamier and weirder side of modern-day Britain, on a contemporary Grail Quest that combines Celtic and Nordic mythology with contemporary occultism and politics.

Pitted against them is a sinister cabal of Neo-Nazis, black magicians, and corrupt police, intent on resurrecting the Nazi Party and plunging Europe back into the Dark Ages of World War Two.

Armed with courage, defiance, and the mystical Spear of Lugos, the Travelers are the only people in a position to foil the sinister plot... But can they prevail against the dark powers of Shamballah and the Temple of Typhon?

If you would like to contact the author you can sned an e-Mail to and we will forward it to the author.

Click here for chapter index.

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