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Heithni Books and Articles
Information and excerpts from Northvegr™ books and articles from the authors and friends of Northvegr dealing with Heithni, the Northern Spiritual Faith..

A Brief Introduction to Heithni
A short and concise introduction to Heithni for those new to the the Northern Way.
The ethics of the North.
Wisdom inspired by and from the Icelandic Sagas. A modern work.
The Praiseworthy Virtues of the North
A short-list of the praiseworthy virtues that are dealt with in more detail in Trúlög and Sögumál.
Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Reading
A detailed list of recommended reading with short commentary and hyperlinks for purchase at and elsewhere.
Heithinn Date Calculator

Enter the day, month and year, and click on the button and get the date converted automatically to a Heithinn date format!
Northern Way F.A.Q.
A Northern Way F.A.Q.

Language Resources

Zoëga's "A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic"
The first online .html and text file version of Zoëga's dictionary of Old Icelandic (Old Norse).
Cleasby-Vigfusson Dictionary
The complete dictionary in indexed JPG graphic file format.
Sweet's Old Icelandic Primer
The complete primer in GIF format graphic files, including the glossary and texts.
Holy Language Lexicon
A lexicon of modern English words with Germanic language (Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, etc.) origins.
Old English Lexicon
An Old English to English and English to Old English lexicon.
The Old Icelandic Grammar Project
A cooperative project to get Rasmus Rask's Old Icelandic Grammar transcribed into text files that will then be posted at this URL, for all who are interested in learning Old Icelandic.
The Anglo-Saxon Project
With the growing interest in learning the elder tongues and the void of learning material for Old English this project was born. The main goals of the project is to bring a dictionary for Old English online and to also bring a reader online as well.
The Gothic Project
The Gothic Grammar Project's goal is to transcribe Josephy Wright's Gothic Grammar. The results of the project will be posted here once completed.
Language Resources
A collection of resources for those wishing to learn old and modern Germanic languages such as Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Faroese etc.
Zoëga Expansion Project
A project to expand on and improve Zoëga's Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic which will work to improve the dictionary in a number of ways, including the compiling of an English to Old Icelandic version of the dictionary.

The Northern European Studies Project
The success of the Northvegr web site has truly become the result of group effort. Through the generous donation of time, skills and materials, the Northvegr site has grown to be one of the best repositories of information for pre-Christian Northern European history, faith and culture. Our goals have always been to make this great resource freely available to anyone with an internet connection. You can count on Northvegr to continue with that mission in the future. Would you like to be a part of the team that makes this happen?

Northern European Studies

Germanic Sources
The best sourcebook for Ancient and Early Medieval Writers, Texts and Other Sources Concerning the Germanic Peoples on the net.
NESP Reviews
Reviews of books and multimedia having to do with Northern European Heithinn culture, history and religion.
Northern European Studies Texts in PDF format
Texts from the Northern European Studies Texts sectin in PDF format, free!.

Roman Scandinavia Source Book
A Source book for study of the land of Scandinavia and its indigenous peoples from a classical and medieval perspective using a selection of Greek and Latin primary sources in English translation.
A large collection of maps dealing with Northern Europe from ancient times to the Middle Ages.

Primary Sources
The Eddas
Histories and Chronicles

The Poetic Edda
One of the most Accurate Translations of the Poetic Edda by Benjamin Thorpe
The Poetic Edda

The Bellows Translation edited by Ari Óðinssen
The Poetic Edda

The Oldest Translation of a major portion of the Poetic Edda by A. S. Cottle.
The Prose Edda
Rasmus Anderson's Translation of portions of the Prose Edda
The Prose Edda

A good translation of the Prose Edda, including Gylfaginning and Skaldskaparmál translated by A. G. Brodeur
The Poetic Edda
English translations from selected lays from the Poetic Edda of the F.G. Bergmann French translation.
Hávamál - Palm OS  >>>
The W. H. Auden and Taylor translation for Palm OS 3.0 or higher courtesy of
Hrafnagaldr Óðins
A new translation and commentary of the contraversial Eddic poem by Yves Kodratoff.

The Life of King Alfred
A history of the Anglo-Saxon king, Alfred the Great
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
A History of Anglo-Saxon England up to the year 1066
History of the Franks
An abridged translation of Gregory of Tour's History of the Franks translated by Earnest Brehaut.
An epic saga history of the early kings of Norway
The Origins and Deeds of the Goths
Jordane's history of the Gothic tribes.
The Danish History Books I-IX: Saxo Grammaticus
Saxo's history of the Danes
Tacitus' Germania in English and Latin
The Roman historian Tacitus' account of the early century Germanic tribes.
History of the Lombards
Paul the Deacon's history of the Lombard (Langobard) tribe and nation.
Origo Gentium Langobardum
One of the sources used by Paul the Deacon for his History of the Lombards. In English and Latin.
Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars  >>>
Julias Caesar's commentaries that include some material about Northern tribes.
Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England
A history with relevant Anglo-Saxon material.
Life of Charlemagne
Two texts on the life of Charlemagne, one by the Monk of St. Gall and one by Einhard.
The Works of Gildas
Gildas Bandonicus, a British [i.e. Celtic] monk, lived in the 6th century. In the 540s - in the most aggressive language - he set out to denounce the wickedness of his times. He ended up being the only substantial source which survives from the time of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain, and the best source before the much more impressive work of the Venerable Bede [who completed his Ecclesiastical History of the English People almost 200 years late in 731].
The Life of St. Eligius
A history of the life of the 7th century saint that contains a good bit of material concerning the conversion practices of Medieval Christianity.
The History of the Gotlanders (Gutasaga) dates to the 13th century, and survives in a manuscript c. 1350, Codex Holm. B 64 (Royal Library at Stockholm) along with the Gotland legal code, the Gutalag. It was written in the Old Gutnish language, the Norse dialect of the island.


Volsunga Saga
The Great Northern Epic.
Viga Glum's Saga
The story of Killer-Glum.
Egil's Saga
One of the greatest of the sagas, about the great Skald and Rune-master, Egil Skallagrimsson.
Grettir's Saga
The adventures of Grettir the Strong.
Eyrbyggja Saga
One of the major law sagas with much material on Northern Law.
Kormak's Saga

A saga of love unfulfilled.
The great Anglo-Saxon heroic epic of the exploits of Beowulf. The movie "The 13th Warrior" was partially based on this text.
Beowulf on Steorarume >>>
A site with extensive information on the great Anglo-Saxobn heroic epic including a new critical online edition of the text by Benjamin Slade, art and much more.
Heitharvega Saga
One of the major sagas.
Laxdaela Saga
One of the greatest sagas that many scholars believe was written by a woman, chronicling the lives of Aud the Deep-minded and her descendants.
Njal's Saga
One of the great sagas about the life of Njal and his kin.
Viking Tales of the North:
The Saga of Thorstein Viking's  Son
The saga chronicling the live of Viking and his son Thorstein
The Saga of Fridthjof the Bold
The saga of Fridthjof the Bold.
Fridthjof's Saga
Tegnér's epic poem based on the Saga of Fridthjof the Bold.

The Saga of Thrond of Gate
Also known as Færeyinga Saga, a saga centered around the Faroes.
The Nibelungenlied
The great German heroic epic, related to the Völsunga Saga.
Nibelungenlied Map   >>>
An excellent clickable map of the major towns which appear in the Nibelungenlied tale, at Kiyo's Mythos and Poesy Archive.
Viking Tales  >>>
A Collection of parts of various sagas translated into English.
The Icelandic Sagas
A secondary source examining the Icelandic Sagas.
Kiyo's Mythos and Poesy Archive >>>
Information on Thidrek's Saga AKA Vilkina Saga and the Heroic cycle of Dietrich. Kiyo's Link Page is aseptically of interest.
Concordance to the Proverbs and
Proverbial Materials in the Old Icelandic Sagas
A collection of wise sayings gathered from the Icelandic Sagas.
The Saga of Hervor and King Heidrek the Wise
A new translation of this saga, by Peter Tunstall. One of the highlights of this intense saga includes a riddle contest.
The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw
The saga of the life and death of the great outlaw poet, Gisli son of Sour.

The Flatey Book (Flatey Book, Hauks Book and Vatican Manuscripts)
Translations of the Flatey Book and other manuscripts which contain pieces of other sagas, including one of the Vinland Sagas.
Icelandic Sagas Vol. 3
Includes the Orkneyinger Saga, otherwise known as the Jarla Saga, which also includes some of the history of the Scottish isles. Also included is a fragment from the lost Inga Saga.
Three Northern Love Stories and Other Tales:
The Saga of Gunnlaug Worm-Tongue and Raven the Skald
The saga of the sharp-witted Gunnlaug.
The Saga of Frithiof the Bold
Another translation of the saga of Frithiof the Bold.
The Saga of Viglund the Fair
The name says it all.
The Saga of Hogni and Hedinn
One of the few sagas where the gods and goddesses play a major role. Also known as Sorla Þáttr.
The Tale of Roi the Fool
An amusing Þáttr.
The Tale of Thorstein Staff-         Smitten
Another Þáttr.
The Pre-Columbian Discovery  of America by the Northmen
Various primary texts dealing with the discovery of America in or around the year 1000 by the Northmen. Includes portions of Landnamabók and various portions of sagas.
Old Heithinn Tales From the North
A collection of original translations of the Fornaldar Sögur corpus of sagas and þáttr.
The Book of the Icelandic Settlements, written by Ari the Learned is a Saga Age text that is a full record of the early colonization of Iceland.
Hildebrandslied Fragment
A fragment that was one of the sources for Thidrek's Saga. In parallel Old German and English.
The Heroic Saga-Cycle of Dietrich of Bern
A secondary source grouped here for convenience. This book deals with the Germanic Heroic cycle of Dietrich, also known as Thidrek.

A Saga Timeline
A timeline of the major sagas.
Harvard Extension School Þattr Translations >>>
A collection of Þattr (short stories) translations which include, The Story of Asa's Gold Thord, The Ballad of Nornagest, The Life and Death of Toki Tokason, Nornagests Rima, The Story of Nornagest, The Story of Gisl Illugason, The Story of Thorstein and the Gift of the Horses, Thorstein from the East Fjords and The Story of Thorstein the Curious.
Hønsa-Thori's Saga
Hønsa-Thóri’s Saga is one of six Borgarfjord sagas. The others are Egils Saga, Saga of Gisli Illugason, Heidarviga Saga, Bjarnar Saga Hitdoelakappa, and Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu.
The Norse Discovery of America (Includes the Saga of Erik the Red, the Saga of Thorfinn Karlsefni and other tales.)
A detailed look at the sources material and proofs of the Norse discover of America, a half a millennium before Columbus.
The Saga of King Sverri of Norway
A later more Christianized form of saga that chronicles the life and rule of Sverri Sigurdarson (1177-1202), son of King Sigurd Haraldsson.
The Latin poem founded on German popular tradition, which relates the exploits of the west Gothic hero Walter of Aquitaine, written by the monk of St. Gall, Ekkehard. An original translation by Abram Ring.

Old Norse, Old English, etc. Texts and Resources
Misc. Primary Sources

Sagas and Tales in Old Icelandic
A large collection of sagas and tales in the original Old Icelandic.
The Saxon version of the Bible in which Christ appears as a warrior. In Old Saxon. The Poetic Edda in Old Icelandic
The Lays of the Poetic Edda in Old Icelandic.
The Prose Edda in Old Icelandic
Snorri's Edda in Old Icelandic.
Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry
The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry in Anglo-Saxon
Easy Readings In Old Icelandic
Graded Old Icelandic texts with accompanying glossaries.
Latin to Old Saxon Dictionary  
A Latin to Old Saxon Dictionary.
The Story of Gudrun in German.
Old English Made Easy   >>>
A good site for learning Old English.

The Anglo-Saxon Metrical     Charms
A rare set of Northern charms used by the Anglo-Saxon tribes. In English and Anglo-Saxon
The First and Second Merseburg Charms
Two Old High German Charms, one of which mentions Baldr.
The in progress translation of the Heliand.
Ingimund's Invasion
An introduction and commentary on Ingimund's Invasion by Gavin Chappell.
Misc. Lore Translations
Miscellaneous translations of Old Norse texts by Ari Óðinssen.
Old-Lore Miscellany
Translations of various Old Norse Texts.
Song and Legend From the Middle Ages
Ballads and Romantic Tales from the Middle Ages.
De Correctione Rusticorum  >>>
Literally, "On the Correction of the Rustic, a 6th century document written by Stain Martin for the purpose of instructing the Suevian in proper Christian conduct and to convert remaining Heathens.
The Rune Poems
The Anglo-Saxon, Old Icelandic, Old Norse and Abecedarium Nordmannicum Rune poems.
Lokka Táttur
A Faroese ballad made popular by Geurber who based her story, "Skrimsli and the Peasant's Child" which appeared in her book, "Myths of the Norsemen." Also included are Kiyo's notes on the origins of the ballad.
Sigurd the Dragon-Slayer
A faroese ballad cycle based on the Sigurd legend.
Against the Heathen
A 4th century text by St. Athanasius, the "Father of Orthodoxy" of the Catholic church whose philosophy was used to justify the killing of Heathens and was the backbone of the philosophy that spawned the crusades and inquisitions.
Three different sources about Theoderic, king of the Ostrogoths.
Miscellaneous accounts of conversions.
Omont Fragment
Graphics files of the Omont Fragment, a 9th century Anglo-Saxon medical text.
De Correctione Rusticorum
Literally, "On the Correction of the Rustic," a 6th century document written by Saint Martin for the purpose of instructing the Suevian in proper Christian conduct and how to convert remaining Heathens. In Latin and English translation.

Secondary Sources
Folklore and Myth
Retellings and Poetry

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology
Grimm's Monumental examination of Teutonic and Norse Myth and Folklore.
Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology
Rydberg's examination of Norse Mythology.
The Home of the Eddic Lays
Bugge's examination of the Eddic Lays.
The Elder Edda and Ancient Scandinavian Drama
Philpotts' examination of the Elder Edda. Transcription is still in progress.
Grimm's Household Tales
Over 200 of Grimm's Famous Fairy Tales in bilinear English and German.
Summer Legends
A collection of Folktales by the Thuringian Poet, Rudolph Baumbach.
Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen  >>>
Fairy Tales by the well known author.
The Grimm's Teutonic Mythology Translation Project
Find out how to join the translation project.
Tjatsi  >>>
A web site with many primary and secondary sources including English translations of folklore and ballads from the Faeroes.. This site is maintained by the Faeroese Post Office, a beautiful stamp sheet is being issued this year with illustrations from Völuspá. Highly recommended site.
Contributions To the Study of Othin Especially in His Relation to Agricultural Practices in Modern Popular Lore
A fascinating book by the eminent scholar, Jan De Vries, detailing Othinn's connection to folklore traditions concerning the corn-spirits.
Loke In Younger Tradition
An interesting article by the great Norse scholar, Axel Olrik, about alfr-like creatures called Lokke and traditions concerning them throughout Scandinavia.
Early Life of the Pennsylvania Germans
An short history of the Pennsylvania Germans, including derivations of family names.
Folklore of the Pennsylvania Germans
Folklore of the Pennsylvania Germans from the Journal of American Folk-Lore.
Written by a Pennsylvania Dutch healer in the 1820s, this book is a rambling collection of rural home remedies and folk invocations. Pow-wow is a unique creole of Christian theology and a shamanistic belief system. It is still practiced in some rural areas of Pennsylvania. In spite of the name, it is not of Native American derivation. It is believed to have been brought over to America by German immigrants who practiced folk-magic.
The Realness of Witchcraft In America
A book on the Hex and Pow-wow folk-tradition of the Pennsylvania Germans.
Popular Tales From the Norse
A collection of Norse folk tales translated by Sir George Webbe Dasent. This edition includes the extensive introduction by Dasent which is absent in many editions of this book.

Heroes of the Olden Time: The Story of Siegfried
A retelling of the story of Siegfried.
The Wayland-Dietrich Saga
A retelling of the Wayland-Dietrich sagas.
A legendary history that illustrates the true culture of the Norse.
The Norse King's Bridal
Translations of Ballads from the Old Norse and Danish.
Baldr Dead
A late romantic retelling of the story of Baldr.
Selected Poems Of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Selected Poems of a Heithinn flavor from Longfellow.
The Legendary History of the Anglo-Saxon People, from the Coming of the Sheaf-Child to the Settlement of England; a reconstruction by Gavin Chappell.

General Scholarly Texts
Saga Book of the Viking Society Vols. 7 and 8
Various articles from the Viking Society.
The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History  >>>
The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History is a private research institute under the auspices of the Foundation for Åbo Akademi University. The aim of the Institute is to promote research in religious and cultural history. The Institute covers a wide range of religions, Heithni being one among them. The web site is currently under construction.
Religion, Culture
and History

The Cult of Othin
Chadwick's examination of the worship of Othinn.
The Religion of the Northmen
A general survey of the pre-Christian Norse religion.
The Religion Of Ancient Scandinavia
Another general survey of the pre-Christian Northern religion.
Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum
A short piece translated from the Latin of Adam of Bremen outlining some of the religious Practices of the pre-Christian Swedes.
A History of the Vikings
T. D Kendrick's History of the Vikings. This is the full text with 28 illustrations and 28 maps.

Origin and migration of the Frisians  >>>
A concise overview of the history of the Frisians. The site also includes a good overview of Frisian Heathenism.
The Culture of the Teutons
Grönbech's treatment of the Northern pre-Christian world-view and ethic. Highly recommended for those who wish to lived the Heithinn way or those interested in learning what the real culture of the North was like before the coming of Christianity.
On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic In History
A series of six lectures on the Heroic tradition in various cultures and time periods, by Thomas Carlyle.
The Early Kings of Norway
A brief look at the kings of Norway from Harald Harfagr to Hakon the Old, by Thomas Carlyle.
Honor in German Literature
When reading about Heithinn culture and tradition a lot of talk about honor will be encountered. Just what does the concept of honor really mean within Heithinn culture? Find out when you read George Fenwick Jones' Honor in German Literature.

Commentary to the  Germanic Laws and Mediaeval Documents
A commentary on various aspects of Germanic law.
Sigfred-Arminius and Other Papers
Essays on Germanic Law and other subjects.
The Laws of the Westgoths
A short document detailing laws of the Swedes translated from the Old Swedish. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.
The Frisian Law Code  >>>
The Law Code of the Frisians. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.
The Visigothic Code  >>>
The Law codes of the Visigoths. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.
The Avalon Project   >>>
An excellent collection of pre-18th century law documents.
The Anglo-Saxon Dooms
Anglo-Saxon law from the 6th century to the 10th century. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.
Law Texts on the Internet Medieval Sourcebook   >>>
A large collection of law documents from a large area and time period.
The Law of the Salian Franks
The law codes of the Salian Franks from around the 7th century. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.
Misc. Law Texts
A group of texts dealing with laws on various subjects. A primary source but grouped here for convenience.

Indo-European and General Medieval Studies
Finnish Tradition

Bibliografía Ibérica
The original text of Bibliografía Ibérica in Spanish.
Iberic Bibliography
The English translation of Bibliografía Ibérica.
An examination of snake cults from around the world.
A Short History of the Inquisition
A history of one of the most infamous institutions to ever come out of the Catholic Church.
The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum
A translation of a late medieval magical document.
The Swastika
A world wide history of the Swastika from by Thomas Wilson, former curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology, U.S. National Museum.

The Kalevala
The Great Finnish Epic.
The Ancient Religion of the Finns  >>>
An article on the Finnish Heathen tradition by the well respected scholar Professor Juha Pentikäinen.
Light To Darkness Myths  >>>
A collection of lore from the Tjatsi site. Included are two Finnish tales; "Sampo" and "The Singing Match."

Early Germanic Studies
The Runes

The Roman and the Teuton
A series of lectures by Charles Kingsley.
The Guthones
An examination of the Gothic nation by Alexander M. Rackus.
The Invasion of Europe By the Barbarians
Bury's well regarded history covering roughly the two centuries of transition from Roman to Mediaeval Europe, A.D. 375-575.
Eric Anctil's Site >>>
Eric's site contains some very interesting articles from his university studies at McGill University where his specialty is on the philological study of the Hyperboreans, Thule, and Scandinavia during antiquity from the ancient Mediterranean perspective. To that end, Eric instigated an online source book project entitled Roman Scandinavia: primary sources.

Runes around the North Sea and on the Continent AD 150-700  >>>
An online book on the Runes.
The Rune Poems
The Anglo-Saxon, Old Icelandic, Old Norse and Abecedarium Nordmannicum Rune poems. A primary source grouped here for convenience.

Other Sections
Northern Family

Reclaiming the Holy Fylfot
A section dedicated to educating the general public about the true history behind one of Heithni's most ancient and Holy symbols and to reclaiming this thousands year old Holy symbol from the short time (less than 80 years) it was used to represent perverted and ill ideals.
Modern Traditions/Northern Roots
Learn how many modern traditions have their roots in Northern European pre-Christian practices.

Northern Family
The main page with descriptions of the various section within the Northern Family.
Aunty Alfta's Adventures  in Northern Cooking
A sometimes humorous looks at Alfta's adventures (and misadventures!) in Scandinavian cooking with recipes.
Northern Fairy Tales
Jim Johnston's Northern themed fairy tales.
Norse-ery Rhymes
Jim Johnston's delightful Northern themed Norse-ery Rhymes.
Recommended List of  Children's Books and Links
A list of recommended books on various aspects of Viking Age and pre-Viking Age Norse culture and history, geared specifically for children.
Tafl: The Game of Kings
Learn to play the great Norse board game of Tafl.
Kubb: The Viking Field Game of Strategy and Skill
Learn how to play the game of kubb and where to get your own kubb set. Sponsored by


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