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Jim Johnston's Norsery Rhymes

Welcome to Norse-ery Rhymes by Jim Johnston. We hope you and your children enjoy these Nursery Rhymes with a distinct Norse Heathen flavor. If you you have any comments or would like to make suggestions please feel free to contact us at and we will pass your message on to Jim..

> Page 1
      Three Blind Aes
      Baa Baa Red Goat
      Thor and Sif
      Three Little Jotuns
      Hod Be Careful
      Where Would Ymir Go?
      Oki Loki
      Good King Lif
      Ding Dong Dwarf
      Norse Counting Song
      Heimdall the True

> Page 2
      Simple Hymir
      Who Killed Bright Balder?
      The Wise Old Erl of Smoke
      Huginn Put the Cauldron On

      Bifrost Bridge is Falling Down
      Little Loki Flinders
      This Little Jotun
      I Saw Long Ships Come
          Sailing By
      How Many Leagues to
      Utgard-Loki’s Gone to Sea
      Bragi Braggart

> Page 3
      Cock A Doodle Doo!
      Friyja's Boar
      Gullveig, Gullveig
      Pussycat, Pussycat, Where
         Have You Been?
      Take a Quick Step to
      The Northern Lights
      The Walls of Asgard
      There Was an Old She-Wolf
      This is the World of Midgard

> Page 4
      The cock’s on the World-tree
         a-Blowing his Horn

      Sable Black Raven
      Odin had a Fearsome Wolf
      Loki's Recipe for Dis-Æs-ter!
          Or ‘Insert Spear Here'

      An Alphabet  New!

> Page 5  New!
  Vali and Vili
        Rhyme and Rune
        When Aegir went sailing
        Knarrs in the Night
        Vidar and Magni
        Two Rivers
        The Swastika and the Sun-Wheel

> Page 6
        Round and Round in Midgard
                (A Rhyme with Actions)
        Æsir Wot I 'Ave Met
        Crying Over Spilt Mead
        Futhark Tumble
        All But Mute
        Aurvandil's Toe
        Playing Odin at Chess

> Page 7   New!
        Miscellaneous Rhymes

> Page 8   New!
        More Miscellaneous Rhymes

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Most of the material on this site is in the public domain. However, many people have worked very hard to bring these texts to you so if you do use the work, we would appreciate it if you could give credit to both the Northvegr site and to the individuals who worked to bring you these texts. A small number of texts are copyrighted and cannot be used without the author's permission. Any text that is copyrighted will have a clear notation of such on the main index page for that text. Inquiries can be sent to Northvegr™ and the Northvegr symbol are trademarks and service marks of the Northvegr Foundation.

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