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Tyr: Myth - Culture – Tradition

Edited by: Joshua Buckley, Collin Cleary, Michael Moynihan
Contributors: Alain de Benoist, Stephen Edred Flowers, Aaron Garland, Joscelyn Godwin, Elizabeth Griffin, Annabel Lee, Nigel Pennick, Steve Pollington, Alby Stone, Þeedrich, William Wallace, Markus Wolff.

Review by Ári Óðinssen

       This is an anthology of current works, music reviews, etc. from the radical edge of the northern tradition, primarily from the 'Odiann' school of philosophy. In brief, it begins with Thorsson's rallying call against the corruption and degradation of this age, moves into Alain de Benoist's determined stand for the 'tripartate-function' view of Indo-European study, gives Moynihan's argument for the Hagen figure in the Nibelungenlied being Othinn himself, and wraps into a round of praise and admiration for the likes of Julius Evola, Herman Lons, and the dark master of chaos himself, Karl Maria Wiligut.
       While the writing is thought-provoking, and some of it quite good post-modernist thought, it should be noted that it is, as it stands, uncontested, and those in our tradition wishing to promulgate philosophies and ideas opposed to these works from the self-styled elitist edge, these self-proclaimed 'radical runologists', need to begin voicing their opinions. The philosophers of our faith need to be heard now, as well.
       One could, article by article, contest these views to the contrary and be in very good standing within the faith. In order for the 'cultural morass and chaos' that we are challenged by these writers to be foundering in to begin to right itself, it will take a league of firm voices calling out from the side of right and order. Voices of those within the faith itself. Most especially, noting the title choice, the voices of those dedicated to Tyr, his righteous sense, his honour, his never-tiring work for his kin and the order that maintains them, and his higher intelligence. These are the ones that need to take up this challenge and be heard.
       In other words, we should not be allowing the voices we hear in this publication to be the only voices pushing the edge of philosophy in this age. They are, by our silence, representing us. I repeat this to make it clear: they are, by our silence, representing us...

Take up the challenge. It is time to turn the tide.

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