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Eddan: The Invincible Sword of the Elv smith (Preview)
by Mats Wendt
Reviewed by Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir

Tracks 1-4: Unfinished
Track 5: Odinn's Self-sacrifice                                   9':36”
Track 6: Frost Giants Defeated                                 6':07”
Tracks 7-9: Unfinished
Track 10: The Treasures of the Gods                      4':10”
Tracks 11-27: Unfinished
Track 28: Loki Contrives Competition                     9':34”
Tracks 29-62: Unfinished                        
Track 63: Ivaldes Sons to Wolf-Dales                      2':57”        
Track 64: Volund's Great Magic                               4':27”
Track 65: Volund's Greatest Treasures                  15':57”
Track 66: Unfinished
Track 67: Swan-Maidens in Wolf-Dales                  4':52”
Track 68: Migration From the North                       3':37”
Tracks 69-70: Unfinished
Track 71: Birth of Halfdan                                         5':07”
Tracks 72-78: Unfinished
Track 79: Volund Bound and Deprived of Sword   7':16”
Track 80: Hiding the Sword                                      4':10”
Track 81: Völundur och Bödvildur                           4':40”
Tracks 82-83: Unfinished
Track 84: Völund and Idunn                                     6':49”
Track 85: Unfinished
Track 86: The Death of Völund                                6':57”
Tracks 87-97: Unfinished
Track 98: Svipdag Obtains the Sword                    8':42”
Track 99: Svipdag Leader of Giants                        5':30”
Track 100: Svipdag Victorius                                   5':28”
Track 101: Halfdan's Death                                       5':17”
Tracks 102-116: Unfnished
Track 117: The Seven Sleepers                                 4':40”
Tracks 118-158: Unfinished
Update: More Pieces have been completed since the writing of this review.

        The link to Mats Wendt's site was sent to us here at Northvegr and I finally got around to checking it out. The review from Music and Vision ( describes the music of composer Mats Wendt quite well so I would like to quote them here.

"Sometimes one finds magic. I did when I went to this site. Within a few seconds of the first sounds I knew I was in the world created by a real composer. Atmospheric but constructed with inner steel, Mats Wendt is clearly doing something special: music of mystery, enchantment and great beauty. Here is something extraordinary."

      All the finished tracks listed above are available via streaming media (Real Player or Windows Media) at the web site. You get a solid two hours of wonderful music that one could easily see being played during the Lord of the Rings movie. Wendt's compositions evoke the power and vastness of the land of the Northmen like few I have ever heard. Wendt began this suite in 1999 and he estimates its completion of the giant 158 part suite to be some time in 2007. I can only say that I sincerely hope it will be offered on CD upon its completion. I want it in my collection. If you like classical music go listen to this preview of an ambitious and very promising work.

Addendum: Mr. Wendt has added new tracks since the writing of this article. A total of eight hours of music is now available. Be sure to check it out.

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