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Odin's Journey - Box Set - Cards and Book

These box sets are in used condition and are offered at a reduced price. Some cards will show some wear. This box set is out of print so you will not find this great set anywhere else.

Odin's Journey is an original deck of divination cards based on Norse Mythology. The cards can be used like a Tarot deck. With the help of the cards, the great magician Odin and his divine companions guide the soul on a quest for wisdom and self-realization.

The cards bring to life the mythic universe and ancient traditions of the religion of the Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons and other Germanic peoples. Here we meet gods and goddesses such as the mighty Thor and the beautiful Freyja, as well as valkyries, norns, dwarfs, giants, elves, enchanted places and magical beings. In this archetypal world, we find inspiration and direction to help us in our own lives.

Odin's Journey contains 81 full-color original cards beautifully executed by Canadian artist Stephen Aitken and a book by the Norwegian Lars Ims which delves into the religious tradition of the Norse world and explains the mythological background and divinatory meaning of each card. The book explores the mysterious being Odin, god of wisdom, magic, war, life and death, and his universe of nine worlds, all held together by the ash Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World. The book also contains a chapter on divination, as well as spreads especially devised for Odin's Journey.

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