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Northvegr's Sagas and Heroic Tales Collection

Northvegr's Sagas and Heroic Tales Collection

A huge collection of Norse sagas and heroic tales all packed on one CD-ROM. Look at what you get on this CD!

Professionally produced and packaged, NO stickers used here. Printed disks in shrink-wrapped jewel case.

Hildebrandlied Fragment - About 810 C.E.
Egil's Saga - Middle 9th-10th Century
Njal's Saga - End of 10th - beginning of 11th
Heitharvega Saga - 11th century
Beowulf - About 1000 C.E.
Laxdaela Saga - 886 to 1030 C.E.
Eyrbyggja Saga - 890 to 1031 C.E.
Kormak's Saga - 10th century
The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw - 10th century
Grettir's Saga - Grettir passed on 1031 C.E.
Viga Glum's Saga - 10th century
Landnamabók - 9th to 10th century
Three Northern Love Stories and Other Tales
       The Story of Gunnlaug the Worm-tongue and Raven the Skald 10th - 11th Century
The Story of Frithiof the Bold - 14th-15th century
The Story of Viglund the Fair - 13th-15th century
The Story of Hogni and Hedinn - 14th-15th century
The Tale of Roi the Fool - 14th-15th century
The Tale of Thorstein Staff-Smitten - 14th-15th century
Heimskringla - first half of 13th century
Nibelungenlied - Late 12th - Early 13th century
Völsunga Saga - 13th century
Flateyjarbok - 14th century
Færeyinga Saga - 14th century
Viking Tales of the North
       The Saga of Thorstein Viking's Son - 14th-15th century
Fridthjof's Saga - 14th-15th century

The Heroic Saga-Cycle of Dietrich of Bern
The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by The Northmen
The Norse Discovery of America (Includes the Saga of Erik the Red, the Saga of Thorfinn Karlsefni and other tales.)
The Icelandic Sagas
Misc. Lore Translations
Old-Lore Miscellany

Old Heithinn Tales From the North:
This is a collection of original translations that are copyrighted and come from the Fornaldar Sögur corpus, a group of sagas that have a more fantastic subject matter than what is generally seen in the Icelandic Sagas.
    The Saga of Hromund Gripsson
A saga with many magical elements including the sword Mistleteinn.
The Saga of Ketil Trout
A saga chronicling Ketil's many contests with giants.
Of The Kings of the Uplands
A short þáttr concerning the Upland kings.
The Saga of Illugi, The Foster Son of Grid
The adventures of Illugi who eventually became the foster-son of a giantess.
The Saga of Hervor and King Heidrek the Wise
A new translation of this saga, by Peter Tunstall. One of the highlights of this intense saga includes a riddle contest.
The Tale of Toki Tokason
A new translation of this saga, by Peter Tunstall. A short tale that touches on the passing of the old ways and shows how the heroic (and Heathen) ancestors were still honored despite the conversion, by Christian and Heathen alike.
The Tale of Helgi Thorisson
A new translation of this saga, by Peter Tunstall. A short tale that deals with the conflict between the spirituality of the old ways and the newcomer religion of Christianity.
The Saga of Eirek the Traveler
A new translation of this saga, by Peter Tunstall. A heavily Christian influenced saga dealing with the adventures of Eirek.
The Saga of Hrolf Kraki and His Champions
The saga of the greatest of the Skjoldungs of Denmark.
The Saga of Grim Hairy-Cheek
Giants and enchantment in the far north. Middle episode in the Hrafnista trilogy: Grim is the son of Ketil Trout/Salmon and the father of Arrow-Odd.
The Saga of Yngvar the Traveller
Colourful adventures on the rivers of Russia. Loosely based on a real expedition. Some 30 men who died with Yngvar are named on Swedish runestones - but no mention there of the Dragon King!
The Tale of Ragnar's Sons
Crafty deeds of Ivar the Boneless - brutal & bizarre.
The Saga of Half and His Heroes
Norway's answer to Hrolf Kraki. Chaotic mix of folklore, prophesy & heroic verse, by turns doom-laden and gleefully defiant. Interesting minor characters include: a surly merman and a cheeky fox-spirit.
The Discovery of Norway
A short þáttr detailing the discovery of Norway.
The Story of Thorsteinn House-Might
A tale of the fantastic exploits of Thorsteinn House-Might, a man so large he could hardly fit through any door.

System requirements: All you need is a CD-ROM drive and an internet browser in order to browse these files. No need to connect to the internet. View them any time, offline or online.

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