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Northvegr's Norse History, Religion and Culture

Northvegr's Norse History, Religion and Culture

Professionally produced and packaged, NO stickers used here. Printed disks in shrink-wrapped jewel case.

Here is what you get on this CD.

The Life of King Alfred
A history of the Anglo-Saxon king, Alfred the Great

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
A History of Anglo-Saxon England up to the year 1066.

History of the Franks
An abridged translation of Gregory of Tour's History of the Franks translated by Earnest Brehaut.

The Origins and Deeds of the Goths
Jordane's history of the Gothic tribes.

The Danish History Books I-IX: Saxo Grammaticus
Saxo's history of the Danes.

Tacitus' Germania in English and Latin
The Roman historian Tacitus' account of the early century Germanic tribes.

History of the Lombards
Paul the Deacon's history of the Lombard (Langobard) tribe and nation.

Origo Gentium Langobardum
One of the sources used by Paul the Deacon for his History of the Lombards . In English and Latin.

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England
A history with relevant Anglo-Saxon material.

Life of Charlemagne
Two texts on the life of Charlemagne, one by the Monk of St. Gall and one by Einhard.

The Life of St. Eligius
A history of the life of the 7th century saint that contains a good bit of material concerning the conversion practices of Medieval Christianity.

The Cult of Othin
Chadwick's examination of the worship of Othinn.

The Religion of the Northmen
A general survey of the pre-Christian Heathen religion.

The Religion Of Ancient Scandinavia
Another general survey of the pre-Christian Heathen religion.

Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum
A short piece translated from the Latin of Adam of Bremen outlining some of the religious Practices of the Heathen Swedes.

A History of the Vikings
T. D Kendrick's History of the Vikings. This is the full text with 28 illustrations and 28 maps.

The Culture of the Teutons
Grönbech's treatment of the Northern pre-Christian world-view and ethic. Highly recommended for those who wish to lived the Heithinn way or those interested in learning what the real culture of the North was like before the coming of Christianity.

On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic In History
A series of six lectures on the Heroic tradition in various cultures and time periods, by Thomas Carlyle.

The Early Kings of Norway
A brief look at the kings of Norway from Harald Harfagr to Hakon the Old, by Thomas Carlyle.

Honor in German Literature
When reading about Heithinn culture and tradition a lot of talk about honor will be encountered. Just what does the concept of honor really mean within Heithinn culture? Find out when you read George Fenwick Jones' Honor in German Literature.

The Roman and the Teuton
A series of lectures by Charles Kingsley

The Guthones
An examination of the Gothic nation by Alexander M. Rackus

The Invasion of Europe By the Barbarians
Bury's well regarded history covering roughly the two centuries of transition from Roman to Mediaeval Europe, A.D. 375-575.

A fascinating book by the eminent scholar, Jan De Vries, detailing Othinn's connection to folklore traditions concerning the corn-spirits.

Roman Scandinavia - Primary Sources
The purpose of this source book is to study the land of Scandinavia and its indigenous peoples from a classical and medieval perspective using a selection of Greek and Latin primary sources in English translation.

System requirements: All you need is a CD-ROM drive and an internet browser in order to browse these files. No need to connect to the internet. View them any time, offline or online.

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