Here are the mixed results of my first attempt at astrophotography using a CCD webcam. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the level of effort required to come this far and I'm looking forward to refining the process.

These photos were taken with a modified and remounted Logitech Quickcam 4000 Pro using a 6-inch Orion SkyQuest XT6 Reflector Telescope. The camera was not modified for long exposures, therefore exposure times were approximately 1/25 second. The focal length of the XT6 is 1200mm and the camera uses a 1/4 inch CCD. Images were taken using AstroSnap and then stacked and corrected using AstroStack2.

Shots of Sol also used an Orion 6" Solar Filter.

In the shot of Jupiter, Ganymede is the fuzzy, faint dot to the right near the edge; this image was taken using a Meade 2X Barlowe lens.

These views are as seen from N45d23m14s, W84d55m39s, accurate to 600m and elevation 190m, accurate to 20m. Times are given to the nearest minute according to the NTP protocol. All photos were hand guided.

Excepting the camera, all of the equipment was purchased from the fine people at Austin Astronomy and Science. Many thanks to Jay and Michelle for the advice and for pointing out the article on Webcam imaging. Also to JB and Richard for advice on Barlowe lenses and the 10 inch monster... More on that later.

All images copyright 2003 Jerry Bolton, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

Sol 2 June 2003 17:36 EDT Sol 2 June 2003 17:39 EDT Sol 2 June 2003 17:42 EDT Moon 3 June 2003 23:19 EDT Moon 3 June 2003 23:20 EDT Edit 1 Moon 3 June 2003 23:20 EDT Edit 2 Moon 3 June 2003 23:20 EDT Edit 3 Moon 3 June 2003 23:20 EDT Edit 4 Jupiter and Ganymede 3 June 2003 23:38 EDT