J. Bolton
Strange Forms
I,III 14 July 1990
II 19 July 1990

(originally written as lyrics for Deviant's Palace, never recorded.)

Strange forms float past me, they change and fade
Nothing in proportion --- this world that I've made
Long ago I deserted all that was I
For stained-glass sunsets and marshmallow skies.
Now someone calls, calls softly to me
I rise to follow---trying to see.
Tripping, stumbling, I fall to the ground
Burst out laughing, there isn't a sound.

Drifting through forests of yellow and green
Sounds in the mist from beings unseen,
Dance in blinding darkness and haze,
By pale moonlight fading to day.
Brown sugar beaches are everywhere
Gingerbread butterflies glide through the air
Reach to catch them---but harm not a one
They lead to warmth in absence of sun.

The voice again, but this time a change---
Somehow removed and sounding so strange.
What can it mean, this voice that calls?
"Nothing," it answers, "Nothing at all."
Warnings, threats I did not believe
Myself any longer I cannot deceive.
I cry aloud but no one has ears.
I am alone as I shed my last tears.