You might be a havener
Compiled by Creel Foxworthy

If you've ever been to drunk to type.
If you've ever wrecked your car in Kansas.
If you've ever earned a speeding ticket in Kansas.
If you've ever typed ".w" instead of "ls"
If you've ever left the lab for bed and the sun was coming up.
If you can type faster than you can think.
If you think class gets in the way of your college experience.
If you talk in third person.
If you've ever fallen in love with someone you've never met.
If you log in to have sex.
If you've never met the majority of your friends.
If you've ever travelled over 500 miles to visit someone you've never met.
If you logged in immediately upon getting there.
If you log in immediately upon waking.
If you've ever sent large amounts of useless text to someone to defend your sister's honor.
If you've got more than 4 computers in your bedroom, and none of them work.
If you've email addresses at more than one geographical location.
If your idea of a gourmet dinner includes mountain dew and candy bars from the snack machine in the lab.
If you think caffiene and sugar ARE the only two food groups.
If your idea of exercise is a walk to the 24 hour lab when the lab in your dorm closes.
If you know where B6 is.
If you know where Matthews is.
If you've ever knocked on the window of a locked lab.
If you've ever been on a Denny's Run(tm)
If you get a rush from logging in.
If you cringe at the words "connection timed out."
If you've ever doubled your typing speed in less than a week.
If you've found the love/sex object of your life and discovered later that your sexual orientation was other than you had previously thought.
If the words "connection closed" turn your stomach.
If you've ever used the word GORN.
If you get emotionally disturbed when forced to use an account without TinyFugue.
If your shell IS TinyFugue.
If you've ever talked to the person sitting next to you and not known it.
If you've ever had a dream you could read.
If some unseen beast known as "Lag" is your worst enemy.
If you ever knew the IP number for
If you don't use capital letters when you type.
If you've been to Garcia's and you've never lived in W. Lafayette.

You might be an oldbie:

If you see the number 2525 and your fingers twitch.
If you know the historical significance of Matthews.
If you've ever broken into Matthews.
If you think that sage is a computer, not a spice.
If you remember the Anti-Haven.
If you still log into the Anti-Haven.
If you've ever been stalked by TTE.
If you know who TTE is.
If you see the word "GORN" and you know what to do.

You might be a newbie:

If you worship oldbies.
If you worship them and have never met them.
If you think CC, SubZero, Val, or Creel created the havens.
If you think starting your own haven will gain you friends.
If you think changing the haven system messages to meaningless witty things is cool.
If you don't know how to set your name.
If you've never used /?.
If you've never heard of TinyFugue.
If you type in all capital letters.
If you have obscenities in your name.
If you hide obscenities in your name.
If you think that because someone is connected and they aren't talking to you, they are ignoring you.
If you don't notice when your channel is changed by powers that be.
If you think having netsex on the main channel is cool.
If you don't know what a newbie is.
If you suck up to oldbies.