"Haven Man"  (to the tune of "Iron Man")
-- Creel (Jerry Bolton, Jr.) 1/94

Has he lost his mind?
To a socket he did bind
Code to talk with all---
All you need is a telnet call.

Has he gone net.dead?
Where's his message I just read?
In Matthews, night and day
They all came to type away.

His code they did steal
From the great magnetic reel.
Over network lines
Marble sent it out from Mines.

Nobody knows him---
They just use his code.
Filling connections
That will soon overload.

Now the time is near
To flood havens far and near---
Filling mail spools;
Keeping people from their schools.

Nobody knows him,
They haven't heard his name.
Nobody thanks him---
They just whine and complain.

Through the States he's been---
Now from Texas he logs in.
Typing as (fast|bad) as he can,
Hermit havens once again!!!