Mithlond (Lorien 2.x)

Many haven operators have expressed a desire for a smaller, cleaner, more extensible and more robust server, capable of handling large numbers of connections on systems where kernel modifications are not feasible for political or religious reasons. Some of the requested features include:

As the existing code base is streamlined and retrofitted with the most useful features from the haven community, the 1.x base will morph into Mithlond. Script-based configuration will be available in soon as will increased portability and a friendlier installation procedure.

Eventually there will be a bit more information on the Mithlond effort. Mithlond means "haven" and I'm sure that you'll want to try it once it's cooked. For now, suffice it to say that Mithlond is "new technology" and contains not a single line of DOS code... While I cannot promise to include any specific feature, I am always open to suggestions and feedback.

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