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Taming the beast – Part 2

After taming the Mini… it was time to update the iBook. This went pretty smoothly. I used the “upgrade” installer, since this was a machine that had never been tainted with the kind of firewire brain swap that seems to have affected the Mini originally. Having built Fink on the Mini in advance and done my homework on a few
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Taming the Beast – Part 1

After a few days of exploring Tiger on the Mini, I had a small but important laundry list of things that simply must be fixed before I can use it. First, the system seemed sluggish, which is odd because everyone that is happy with Tiger remarks on its speed. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the Classic environment didn’t work at
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On Uninvited Guests at Christmas

This makes Christmas Eve #2 that I woke in the morning to discover a nasty surprise on my server. In case there is any doubt as to how I feel about this, allow me to make it painfully clear: STAY OFF MY COMPUTER! Today’s incident wasn’t catastrophic, although it easily could have been. On 12/24/98, some dork rooted my server
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