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Rainy afternoon Robotics, or the “Frankentruck FT-5”

So, the day turned rainy and there is a somewhat rigorous moratorium here on desktop computing.  I decided that didn’t include supervised robotics.  Full details, more pics and movie mayhem after the break.

goofy kids

They wanted their pics taken.  Wee lad on Tuesday and lass today.

a day around the beach

I snapped a shot of the new bike rack (attached) in the better light after lunch today. After a quick chat with Dad about that we geared up to go riding. There’s a bike path that goes for quite a few miles around the bay, all the way down/over to Charlevoix and all the way the other direction up/around to
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Ummm, Sand!

Wee lass was completely engrossed in this virtual sandbox that my brother linked to me. She made the picture you can see below or in the gallery at

ban dihydrogen monixide

i am so totally signing a petition to ban this. two cleanups on my property in two years. totally done with it. up the irons! click here to see the most recent carnage…

best deal in town

Today was a work day for me, as is most of this week. However, we are still up north and Monday night at Swift Field (in Bayview) is Hot Dog night. They have shirts that say “The Best Deal in Town”… You get two hot dogs and a can of soda (you have to bring everything else) for some reasonable
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We went to Mackinaw City today to see the Kite Festival. It was held in a park on S. Huron Ave, right on the water. The turnout was pretty good, and even though the wind didn’t seem very strong down low there were plenty of lofty sights to see. Bill and Grace liked looking at the different designs, and a
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Biking the Bay

Little Traverse Bay has a fabulous, 26 mile bike path called the Little Traverse Wheelway that runs from Charlevoix through Petoskey to Harbor Springs. In addition to connecting several parks (including Bayfront Park in Petoskey, which is referenced below) it also includes places to stop for picnics and scenic views that you really can’t enjoy from a car. We biked
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The End of an Era

We have several traditions for the trek north, some of which trace back to Jennifer’s childhood. One of these is to drive around the bay to Juilleret’s, which has been serving hot meals on the waterfront since 1895. After this, we go across the street to Kilwin’s (which is no longer across the street, but around the corner) for some
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Arr, Matey!

We took the kids to Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf today. They had a blast, and the Wee Lad actually did pretty well (no where near par, but clearly trying) once we told him he couldn’t touch the ball with his hands until he was done. Wee lass seemed to enjoy having Mommy help. I think everyone got an honest hole-in-one.