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Answers to Anticipated Frequent Questions

Hi! I’m Jillian. Here’s a short list of some things I do/did, but if your wondering who I am, you can probably learn more by reading my posts.

  • I brew my own mead and beer.
  • I make things.
  • I like astronomy. I even take pictures.
  • I lead a team of engineers at Microsoft, developing system software for monitoring of distributed systems.
  • I designed and developed system storage software at Micron Technology.
  • I designed and developed firmware for embedded microcontroller in mixed-signal applications at Silicon Laboratories.
  • I designed and developed fault tolerant operating system components for at Tandem, now part of HP.
  • I designed and developed systems software, and consulted worldwide for Sector7, USA. They are experts in legacy migrations from VAX/VMS and other proprietary architectures to current technologies.
  • I have provided release testing and various patches (sis900 ethernet and Alpha ISA DMA) to the OpenBSD project.
  • I provide network support and UNIX/Linux/BSD consultancy services for small businesses. Inquire within.

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