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Eine Kleine Coronamusik

There once was a land of the free,
Provided thou wast Bourgeoisie.
But then 'Rona came,
And made everything lame.
So now it's not all about thee.
A reality host so clever
Convinced fans the' Rona would never.
So now 'Rona's here,
Folk scream "hold my beer
Or we'll lose all our rights forever!"
A governor with strategy shrewd,
Said to go out only for food.
But Alex, he jokes,
"Corona's a hoax!"
So caution and wisdom are boo'd.
Your momma, she raised no fool.
That's why you're in the gene pool.
So don't try to roam---
Just stay the frell home.
Ignore those protesting tools.
I find words a challenge to parse
When they call COVID-19 a farce.
Listen to me,
It's not the 5G!
Mask up, the symptoms are harsh.
I know you've got to be bored
Guarding your rolled paper hoard---
But don't crowd the street.
It's not safe to meet,
Not even to worship the Lord
Although you might call it fake news,
Corona just wants you to lose.
It just doesn't care,
And how well you fare
Depends on behavior you choose.
It's clear vaccines you detest,
And contact tracing and tests.
But let me be clear:
By this time next year
You might not be here for protests.
You probably tire of this verse
And want coin to refill your purse.
But if we suspend
This distancing trend,
More of you will require a hearse.
You thought by now I'd be done.
In sorry this ruins your fun.
Stop being snooty,
You all have a duty
To ensure this war can be won.

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