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Coronavirus: Hoax or PsyOps?

Now that the social media disinformation campaign has been successful enough that our adversaries are convinced to ignore Facebook, blogs, and other “crowdsourced” beacons of truth, we can finally share the stark reality about the “Coronavirus Pandemic.”

The coronavirus is an elaborate, global PsyOps campaign. There’s an alien armada in lunar-synchronous orbit. We’ve invented the coronavirus narrative to convince the alien invaders that we’re dying of a virus that affects multiple species. World leaders have all recognized this threat, and determined that this deception will buy us a few months, at best. The hope is that the aliens will decide the risk isn’t worth the reward, and move on to conquering Alpha Centauri. 5G cloaking towers interfere with the alien sensors, so we can still make stealthy grocery runs while the overall reduction in emissions remains convincing.

The origin of the virus is likewise fabricated. Australia captured the crew of an alien scout vessel in January, shortly after the wildfires started. Laboratory testing conclusively proves that hydroxy chloroquine is lethal to the aliens on skin contact, which is why we want to ensure concentrations of at least 1600ppm in all freshwater sources. So-called vaccine laboratories are also a ruse, scientists are actually working on nanobots that will carry chloroquine payloads directly to the invaders. Once the nanobots are perfected, we will roll them out under the guise of a “mandatory inoculation” program, to ensure that the first waves of invaders are neutralized before they can gain a beachhead. We hope you will join your neighbors in accepting the “vaccine” when the time comes.

Stay strong, America. Let’s Roll.

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