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Two Turntables… and a Microcontroller – Part 1

My father is into HO railroading.  He’s got quite the layout in-progress in his garage.  However, he’s having trouble finding DCC turn-tables for his engine-yards.  The ones he can find are expensive and back-ordered.  My brother and I decided it would be a fun project for an Arduino (or three).  Here’s the first installment of build pics and videos.


  • 1 Arduino Duemilanove
  • 1 Adafruit Motor Shield
  • 1 Stepper Motor (PF35T-48)
  • 1 2-pack of 3x86mm Shock Shaft (HPI Racing 86055)
  • 1 4’x8′ sheet of 1/4″ plywood
  • 1 8′ plank 1×4″
  • 1 box #6×3/4″ machine screws
  • 2 railroad wheel truck assemblies.
  • 2 screws of unknown variety from my parts pile. (for affixing the trucks to the bridge)
  • 2 plastic bushings (used as stand-offs for the trucks)
  • 2 RRP-1028 48P Pinion 28T
  • 2 #6 5/8″ screws (for affixing the motor)
  • Wood glue (for making pylons for the motor mount from a double-thickness of 1×4)

Makeshift compass for tracing circles.Turntable-Compass2.jpgSide View of the turntable.Turntable Bridge - side view.Turntable-Drive.jpgBridge, rotating.Turntable-Drive-Action.avi


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