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The USCGC Mackinaw pulled into the bay this afternoon, shortly after lunchtime.  What she was doing, exactly, is anyone’s guess, but she appears to be capable of tending buoys, and that seemed to be what she was doing.  After work, she still hadn’t left, so I lugged the telescope down and started getting insane with optics.  I first tried just using my Nokia phone, but that wasn’t really cutting it.  And our full-size Olympus cameras, try as they might, couldn’t get any good shots without digital zoom, and at that distance it wasn’t looking pretty.  So, I opened up the scope and pressed my Nokia carefully up to the 25mm eyepiece…  then the 13mm.  And we got some good shots that way.  My father-in-law has some better shots from his Olympus using the same technique.  We have an adapter but it doesn’t fit this model Olympus so we had to make do.  After a bit of fooling around with that, we got serious and put in the Logitech QuickCam 4000 Pro that I had previously modified for astrophotography.  You can see the results if you “read more”.

Image045Image042Image043Image044Some of the crew of the Mackinaw on a smaller boat alongside the ship.mackinaw-portside.jpgmackinaw-top.jpgmackinaw-top2.jpgmackinaw=stern.jpg

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