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14.2 miles

The Little Traverse Wheelway is a bike path that circumscribes Little Traverse Bay.  I’ve personally seen about 12 miles of it from a bike, and its pretty spectacular.  Most of the wheelway is specially set aside and paved for bikes.  Some of it is sidewalk, and a few segments are officially marked bike lanes on public roadways.  The path is peppered with places to stop and enjoy the views, as well as some seating and even a few picnic areas.  It connects several area parks and at least three incorporated municipalities.  Yesterday before work, I had the pleasure  of an intense early morning ride, my longest yet this summer, 7.1 miles out  and then back again (14.2 total).  I didn’t need to walk  the bike, though I did take a quick break for some photos—“read more” to see them.  The whole trek was 1.25 hours.


After lunch this chipmunk was chirping away outside the window…


This morning was less sunny, and in fact rainy and 65F.  I did see a rabbit on the trail, and it was a good ride.  However, I had to turn back early (only 9 miles today) when the lightning started in the distance, and I managed to beat the lightning back to safety.  No pictures this morning.

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