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a day around the beach

I snapped a shot of the new bike rack (attached) in the better light after lunch today. After a quick chat with Dad about that we geared up to go riding. There’s a bike path that goes for quite a few miles around the bay, all the way down/over to Charlevoix and all the way the other direction up/around to Harbor Springs. Wee lass rode with training wheels and did very well, and her brother did equally well without training wheels. He has learned to start without help, so his training is essentially complete. Their enthusiasm got the best of us and before we knew it we were over a mile out… and somehow they made it back.


After that, since the sun had come out we put up the swing, it hangs between two trees. And then Dick decided to get his massive eagle kite aloft, since the breeze was vigorous (movie attached). So we hopped the rock wall and hung out for nearly an hour on the beach. I found a petoskey stone, which are these neat little stones that look neat when wet and almost boring when dry (pics attached). Grace built a sand castle (pic attached), Bill and Nana joined us eventually and the kids and I went wading. The water is brisk this time of year but it was nice, it brings back good memories from South Haven when I was growing up.


The pics and movie were shot with my phone, and then after the kids were down for bed I made the post from my n810 tablet. The video is some odd phone movie format. I’ll try to convert it to something more convenient later.

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