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So, after much deliberation, I have installed Leopard. So far, I am quite encouraged. It “feels” a little zippier. It looks a little better (Apple has been slowly re-vamping the look since at least the release of Panther, and it’s finally beginning to look consistent again.)

This is the ongoing checklist of things I need working under Leopard (Mac OS/X 10.5) and the list of steps of taken to meet it.

Things that must work:

– Gimp a post about some X11 tricks and Gimp and a thread about inkscape, X11, and GImp, and one on fixing the Gimp
– Parallels/VPN (curr build 3214/June 21, 2007) recommended build is (nonexistent?) 3224, uninstall, upgrade to leopard, reinstall.
– Boot Camp
– X11 article on recovering Tiger X11 in Leopard one on problems with X11 in Leopard a thread on keyboard problems in X11
– UTF-8 in Terminal (i.e. MacPorts)
– Tiger /bin/cp failed on some large files, does it work for Leopard?
– Firefox
– MS Office (an article about fixing Office Icons in Leopard)
– VNC Client (builtin support in Leopard and Jolly’s Fast VNC freware.
– Emacs
– Vim
– MacPorts
– Adium
– GPGMail

Things that must work eventually:
– ClamXav
– Keyspan / MacTNC
– MPEG Streamclip
– iMovie PiP plugins
– Scanner stuffs
– iStumbler
– ffmpegX
– EFax Messenger
– Documents to Go
– Missing Sync
– Lyx
– Yacas
– NeoOffice
– Audacity
– Celestia
– Plucker
– VNC server


  1. Backup Tiger Boot Disk with SuperDuper
  2. Upgrade Leopard
  3. Reboot
  4. Login, changing keyboard to US-Unicode
  5. Enable Spaces, 2 rows of 3
  6. Turn off Spotlight on external disks.
  7. Quit Setup Assistant because it was hanging on registration.
  8. Turn of Secure Virtual Memory
  9. Try, in vain, to change the desktop background.
  10. Install Parallels 2.5.
  11. Install XCode.
  12. Turn off the .Mac Sync icon in the menubar.
  13. Wait for Time Machine backup to finish so I can reboot and see if my desktop backgrounds will work.
  14. Reboot and find that yes, backgrounds now work.
  15. Test Gimp. Find X11 lacking. Download Gimp-app and X11 from here.
  16. Test Parallels, it worked after re-plugging in the usb key for the VPN.
  17. check the office icons post above. it turns out the icons are diff in leopard because they show a preview of the document with the type text (DOC, PPT, XLS, etc) superimposed. i’ll keep the preview i don’t need the super-prettified goofy official microsoft icons that badly and the only way to turn it off is to turn off Finder preview for ALL icons.
  18. Add the printer back in (wi-fi) and make it default. I’m a little curious as to why this was not brought forward in the upgrade.
  19. Install Heirarchical Dock so that some of my (larger) docked folders (“stacks”) work the way they did under Tiger.
  20. Enable VNC sharing in Preferences->Sharing->Screen Sharing
  21. Update NFS exports list on my server because for some reason Leopard is requesting something different for /home/user than Tiger and Panther did. So no, instead of just exporting /home like I have done for years and years, I must export individual user directories. This is very strange.

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