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Today was a work day for me, as is most of this week. However, we are still up north and Monday night at Swift Field (in Bayview) is Hot Dog night. They have shirts that say “The Best Deal in Town”… You get two hot dogs and a can of soda (you have to bring everything else) for some reasonable price. The turnout is usually good even in the rain. Around the field are some various playground equipment for the Boys and Girls club houses, so after the meal you can hang out and play.

When we returned to the cottage, Jen dropped us off and ran off to the Mart of Wal to acquire summertime pajamas for the kiddos and a kid-safe fan for their window. However, right after she pulled away the Fire Department showed up. It seems the next door neighbors had a gas leak so we summoned Nöel and we all skedaddled down the street to the park while the Fire Dept and gas company did their jobs.


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