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it’s Cute!

This morning while Nana and Wee lad
and Jennifer were out shopping, the Wee Princess and I took a walk. We walked around the block, and then we walked over to the swings by the Memorial Garden and she was content to swing there for probably 15 minutes. We watched boats in the bay and birds and butterflies. Then we went for a walk down on the beach, we must have walked 2/3 of the way to the marina, but I turned us around before we found the stairs. I didn’t think we needed to be going up them, since I don’t know where they come out and if she saw them there’d be no hearing of the end of it. During the course of the adventure, she would point to something and declare its name or ask what it was, and then when I asked her about it, she would declare that “It’s cute!” Primarily this applied to water, or rocks, or flowers or birds, even to the airplane but curiously, not to the boats. As we walked along the beach she would pick up rocks and try to make them splash in the water, and as we left she said “Bye Bye Water! Bye Bye Rocks!”

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