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The End of an Era

We have several traditions for the trek north, some of which trace back to Jennifer’s childhood. One of these is to drive around the bay to Juilleret’s, which has been serving hot meals on the waterfront since 1895. After this, we go across the street to Kilwin’s (which is no longer across the street, but around the corner) for some ice cream and then go walk the piers to ogle all the yachts. We did not ogle the yachts tonight (it was getting late and the kids needed to get to bed) but we did notice that the Juilleret’s staff is wearing blue shirts that say “The Last Hurrah! Juilleret’s” on the front and “Last Staff Standing, 1895-2007” on the back. Tentatively, I inquired of the waitress as to whether this was as dire as it sounds, and she affirmed our fears. It seems the owners are retiring and there’s no one in the family to carry on the tradition. So… this is the last season. Get it while you can!

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