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We went shopping today in town at several of our favorite places. First stop was American Spoon to get a few treats and stuff for the grill. Next was Symon’s General Store for Cloudberries!!!.

Cloudberries are Sweden in a jar. They are yummy on ice cream, yummy on breakfast starches such as pancakes and waffles, and just generally yummy in a way that their raspberry relatives are often not, although thimbleberries are also yummy. Cloudberries are also… Sweden on a disc, at least if you like groovy bossa nova sounds.

Then it was off to McLean and Eakin to browse books and buy some word magnets for the refridgerator. It’s a nice little bookstore that has a small town feel you just dont find at the big guys. It reminds me a little of my favorite bookstore in the whole world, John Rollins, Books, although I haven’t been back that way in years so I have no idea if they are still up. It looks like they had a web site but it doesn’t appear to be active.

Next was Grandpa Shorter’s, which is a great place for knick knacks, moccasins and gifts, and one of Jennifer’s favorites.

One place, Capricorn Moon, that had been fun to browse fairies and knick-knacks has closed up its brick-and-mortar and gone entirely online. Hopefully Enchanted Knights will still be open.

We ended the trip with a quick stop to Rocking Horse for rewards for the Patience of the Wee Ones, who were quite well behaved through the whole trip.

I should also point out that earlier in the day (before lunch) we had gone over to Bay Harbor to meet up with Wee lad’s friend Parker (from St. Richard’s pre-school), who was up vacationing with his parents for the weekend.


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