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Ramlösa in paradise!

We pulled in to Bayview, via the city of wind and cherry town. Whee! Of course, one of the first orders of business was to head to the nearest store for enough food to last the morning. While there, I stumbled across a column of shelves filled with Swedish goodies, including Ramlösa, which is very hard to find (or so it seems to me) in the states. Ramlösa is Sweden in a bottle. It’s mineral water, and after a somewhat unpleasant introduction (I didn’t realize it was carbonated) I managed to warm up to it after I knew what to expect. It’s quite refreshing and many other such silly fizzy waters just don’t quite measure up next to a bottle of Ramlösa. Apparently the bottler has a new plastic bottle, I wonder if that affects the taste. I am used to the glass form you see at the left, and this is what Glen’s of Petoskey had to offer as well. Now I just need to find some Hjörtronsylt

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