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Birthing an Empire

Went to see Revenge of the Sith… I think it was very enjoyable. I’ve heard a lot of people saying it was the best (of episodes I-III). I can’t really refute that but I’m not sure I agree. It was certainly worth watching and I do recommend it.

Without spoiling the movie, I’d like to point something out. If I remember right, in Episode IV Obi-Wan claims that Vader “systematically hunted down and killed the jedi, one-by-one” (sic). The theater cut of Episode III showed a lot less Vader-on-Jedi action than Obi-Wan indicated. To me, that was the only disappointing part of the movie. The effects were amazing, as always. Is it just me, or do all of the personal conveyances seem recycled from American Graffiti? On a good note… Jar-Jar has only one line in the movie… 🙂

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