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Taming the beast – Part 3

As a brief follow-up to my experiences with the Tiger upgrade, I have some news about my iFruit. As you may recall, I had trouble syncing my PDA after updating to Tiger. The fine people at Mark Space made a valiant effort to walk me through isolating the issue, with little success. However, their 4.0.5 “final” update to the Missing Sync was released since then and even though they were never able to confirm my issue, something else they fixed in this update has done the trick: I can now sync. So, if you have been unable to sync with your Tiger, get the 4.0.5 final version before tearing your hair out!

One other issue I had is that while X11 “seemed” to work after the upgrade install, without installing the optional package from the Tiger DVD, I discovered that there were some missing dynamic libs when trying to run KStars. This is probably because I build KStars on the Mini where I had already installed the new X11. Installing this on the iBook solved the problem.

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