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Taming the beast – Part 2

After taming the Mini… it was time to update the iBook. This went pretty smoothly. I used the “upgrade” installer, since this was a machine that had never been tainted with the kind of firewire brain swap that seems to have affected the Mini originally. Having built Fink on the Mini in advance and done my homework on a few other apps really paid off. I was able to rsync Fink and was ready to rock within about 2 hours. Also, 10.3.9 seemed to cause my iBook to really heat up when plugged in to wall power. Tiger seems to have restored the nice, cool operation I was used to under 10.3.8 and prior.

Now for the not so rosy part of the tale: I can’t sync my Tapwave Zodiac (PalmOS handheld)over USB. Pressing the hotsync button on the cable results in nothign happening on the iBook, and the Zod eventually times out, saying “computer no workie! help!” or something dissimilar.

I dug around quite a bit on Missing Sync’s support site and mailing list archives, to no avail. I tried re-installing, uninstalling, and re-installing again. I even took the “testing” 4.0.5b1 update of Missing Syinc, that is just for (or just because of) Tiger. Same result. I do see some console messages, they say “Tapwave Handheld : device failed family specific matching” but I was seeing those under Panther even when the stuff was working. I checked with kextstat and the Markspace extensions are loaded. I’m at a loss, so I mailed Missing Sync support and hope to hear back soon. It’s a great product, and so is Tiger, but they are “enjoying” some Tiger teething issues together.

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