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“Mac ee tosh”

Wee lad’s computer arrived yesterday. He calls it “Mac ee tosh.” We have a couple of games he likes, although I won’t be buying more from the JumpStart series. They claim to be Mac OS/X compatible but they don’t work well on the iBook, and according to some searching on the web, this is a problem common to all the JumpStart programs, because the company doesn’t test with laptops. So far, the three CDs are working fine on the Mini. We’ll probably get Reader Rabbit PreSchool once he can mouse around a little better. He understands that clicking makes things happen, but I don’t think he’s quite made the connection between the tiny little mouse pointer and the mouse itself yet.

The Mini is a pretty zippy little machine and it is nice and small. I think we’ll be pretty happy with the purchase. When he isn’t using it, I plan to use it to turn all the video we’ve taken into DVDs, finally.

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