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Thanks to the help of a great many people, the painting was finished yesterday. I touched up the stained spots this morning and they have not bled through the new paint, so the blocker works. You just have to let it cure, otherwise it continues to bleed through. Applying more blocker dissolved the blocker and lets it run, also!

The bookcases are up, with whiteboards. We found that a jigsaw at half speed won’t rip the laminate, especially if you tape both sides with masking tape before cutting. That took a lot of experimenting, but we finally got a nice edge on our scrap and were ready to make the cuts. Jen put pics up on the gallery. Yesterday’s progress was a lot more efficient than I had hoped. Today did not seem to go so well, but I think I was being unrealistic. I don’t have any of my books loaded, and I have to work on the paper. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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