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Sunday Sunset on Little Traverse Bay

It looked like a good evening for some sunset pictures. I took a few photos and a panorama with my Nexus 5. Enjoy 🙂

Memories of Stockholm

15 years ago I had just returned from a business trip to Stockholm.  Last night when returning from my workout (the gym is two blocks from the office, or more accurately in our other office building), I was reminded especially of my time in Stockholm.  There’s a certain feel to the cold air and the dark and the area of
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Yarrduino! Shield

Yarr, matey!  Batten down th’ hatches and secyarr th’  wiring!  Lively now, ye lubbars!  Upload yer sketches ye scurvy dogs, else ye’ll be walkin’ th’ plank!  Details aftarr th’ break!

Rainy afternoon Robotics, or the “Frankentruck FT-5”

So, the day turned rainy and there is a somewhat rigorous moratorium here on desktop computing.  I decided that didn’t include supervised robotics.  Full details, more pics and movie mayhem after the break.

14.2 miles

The Little Traverse Wheelway is a bike path that circumscribes Little Traverse Bay.  I’ve personally seen about 12 miles of it from a bike, and its pretty spectacular.  Most of the wheelway is specially set aside and paved for bikes.  Some of it is sidewalk, and a few segments are officially marked bike lanes on public roadways.  The path is
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We went shopping today in town at several of our favorite places. First stop was American Spoon to get a few treats and stuff for the grill. Next was Symon’s General Store for Cloudberries!!!. Cloudberries are Sweden in a jar. They are yummy on ice cream, yummy on breakfast starches such as pancakes and waffles, and just generally yummy in
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