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True Helm: A practical Guide In Northern Warriorship

by Sweyn Plowright

with art by Mark Morte

Review by Tolkuhn

       This book is as the title suggests, a practical guide to Northern warriorship. It comes in two sections. Both sections complement one another, and they are tied together with spellbinding graphics that adds to the uniqueness of the publication.
       While the adage - never judge a book by its cover is certainly true, the blunt graphics on the cover may indeed hide the gem of information contained within. Do not pass this off as just another Asatru replica, espousing what someone else has already written. It contains original ideas, and examples that help the reader realise their position in life. It also opens portals that can help the reader achieve their desires, should they be determined enough to obtain them. It is a martial arts book, yet in a very subtle way. Both mental and physical self-defence is covered, however there is no aggression or oppression mentioned. It details who chooses to be the victim whether they are the initiator or the "prey" of a conflict.
       The first section provides the background, the theory and the practice to becoming a northern warrior. From the reasons behind the actions, to the moment of decision, to the action, is all discussed with clear, precise explanations. Society, the law, runes, power and more are all covered in respect to defending yourself and your kin.
       The second section is a retelling of the story of Weland the smith, yet is discreetly giving examples of the points learnt in the first section. The story itself is an acknowledged classic. Yet taken in context within the book, it shows how Weland used adversity to overcome the odds, he never gave up fighting and ensured that he obtained the ultimate goal - to obtain mastery over his destiny. By keeping the previous section in mind while reading this story, the reader can see the rationale behind the actions. No longer is the story of good over evil, ørlög over wyrd, for the sake of a good story. Instead it brings the readers to question themself, and to challenge their zone of current living.
       I think the book is a good introduction to personal self-defence that will help both the initiate and the advanced alike. By bridging the gap between the two not only is it intelligent, without being supercilious, but knowledgeable enough to be useful.

Tolkuhn July 2001

You can read excerpts from True Helm and find more information about it by clicking here.

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