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Odin's Journey
The Norse Wisdom Cards

by Lars Ims
illustrated by Stephen Aitken

Review by Ari Odhinssen

      Lars Ims is a unique visionary of the faith. His understanding of Indo-European technology and shared concepts is profound, and seemingly uncorrupted by the dearth of new-age or Western ideologies. Although this is based upon the tarot-card concept, it diverges by being something genuinely informative, a tool for learning facets of the old lore, meditating upon the deeper meanings, and bringing a sense of immediacy into the cosmology. Although it is, by his own admission, subjective of his own experience, we should admit that subjectivity coming from one firmly grounded in the Old Faith is just what has been lacking in the past decades. It is time that the true visionaries and progressive thinkers of our faith stepped forward and ceased being put off by so-called scholars' admonitions against 'innovation'. Expressing our experience in verthandi, whilst firmly rooted in the faith, is not innovation, it is living tru. Best of all, his understanding of spiritual concepts imputs exactly what is lacking in modern 'rune/book' sets, or Norse Wicca Tarot cards, by being landed in the lore, the roots of the indigenous Norse faith. This is a good tool for teaching youth and adults, not only basic concepts from the lore, but also to think spiritually, within the cosmology.
      Lars was born in Oslo, Norway, and holds degrees in Sanskrit and religious studies from the University of Oslo. His consultant in the project was Aaron Carson (a.k.a. Asheesh), a Canadian and tarot expert. Stephen Aitken is a Canadian illustrator, who based his works on 'what scarce information the myths supply'.
      They have a website at, as well as the Futhark Forlag in Oslo.

Lars has agreed to give Northvegr members wishing to purchase a copy of his set from Northvegr a ten percent discount. For more information contact Northvegr at

Odin's Journey can be purchased exclusively in the USA at the Vík.

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