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Nordic Religions in the Viking Age
Thomas A. DuBois ISBN o-8122-1714-4
Review by Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir

      Nordic Religions in the Viking Age deals with exactly what the titles suggests it would. However it deals with the material in a way different from most books on the subject. DuBois approaches the subject from the viewpoint of different areas as well as from differing points of time. He examines the traditions from the time when the traditions of our forefathers were practiced almost universally and Christianity was just beginning to make in roads, to the end of the Viking Age when Chrisitianity had replaced the traditions of our forefathers almost universally excect for a few small hold outs.
       DuBois also examines the inter-relations between Scandinavian and Sami cultures and shows how there was most likely more interaction between the two than what had previously been put forth by other scholars.
       Another interesting aspect of the book is how DuBois examines the changes that Christianity brought over time until it became the domiment religion of the Northern Europeans.
       DuBois documents his material extensively. There is no point where a source of lore he uses to make his points is not documented. This is no new age fluff book. What you get with this book is a well documented examination of the religion and culture of the pre-Chrisitan Northern Europeans. This book is a definitely a book that needs to be in every Heathen's library.

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