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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Directed by Peter Jackson

Review by Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir

      It is almost 2am and I have just returned from seeing Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings.' Since the story is known by most of the English speaking world and probably a good portion of the rest as well, I won't go into the plot elements. I could say that if Ian McKellan, who played Gandalf, would have squinted one eye, he would have been the perfect image of Othinn. I could tell you that the special effects were amazing. I could say that the panoramic scenes were, in a word, BIG. I could mention how the film deals beautifully with the themes of friendship, honor, bravery, betrayal and greed. I could say that even though I was tired, the film was three hours long and it didn't finish until 1am in the morning, I sat wide eyed during the whole thing. I could tell you how the battle scenes were heart-pounding. I could rave about how absolutely beautiful the film was whether it was depicting the hills of the Shire or the underground halls of Moria. I could tell you how the Ring Wraiths literally oozed evil. I could go on for some number of pages telling you how great this movie is but none of it would really do it justice. So instead, I will say just this. GO SEE IT!

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