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Creative Visualization
By Shakti Gawain

Review by Hringari Óðinssen

       Gawain begins her book with the proposition that the physical universe is energy. Energy to her is a magnetic force that under proper conditions develops into form. Form follows idea, according to the laws of radiation and attraction, and she further proposes that using creative visualization according to these laws one can obtain the object of his desires.
       She begins with the basics, including techniques for basic relaxation.
       Being, doing, and having are the three necessary elements for visualization of the desired object. Once the object is firmly manifest in the mind she has the reader turn to attempting to contact the 'higher self'. She incites the reader to become receptive to any input foreign to his normal course of life, and to become active once this input is received, by grabbing ahold of the new feeling it imparts and turning it toward his own will.
       Grounding yourself for her includes; setting your goal, creating a clear picture of the idea, focusing on it often (something she no doubt gleaned from mantra repetition), and in turn giving it positive energy through will.
       The three necessary elements of creative visualization are desire, belief, and acceptance. Desire being of course properly designed, belief being faith in one's own powers and in the power of the divine within and without us, and acceptance is allowing ourselves to have what we need or want, and realizing if we don't get what we set our minds on perhaps it wasn't what was destined for us, or even good for us. She urges the reader to maintain a notebook of his goals to further ground and clarify the idea in his mind.
       Creative consciousness is enveloped in 'havingness'. Havingness is adjacent and a result of 'doingness'.
       This book is a very simple, very basic, and very pc introduction to the complex process known in Vedic science as bhavana. She does not allude to any particular school of thought, and presents only the necessary aspects for guiding the individual to reflection upon his own life circumstance and his own desires, helping him to sort out what is necessary and needed from what is extraneous and perhaps tangential to ones spiritual progress.
       "Manifestation through creative visualization is the process of realizing and making visible on the physical plan our divine potential."

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