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Kubb Rules & Setup

Picture from © Ideenschmiede Paul & Paul

a. King; b. Kubbs; c. Batons; d. Field Markers; & Baseline

Set the field markers (d) in a rectangular shape to create a field about 16 ft by 26 ft. Kubbs (b) are placed on each team's baseline as shown above. And lastly, the King (a) is placed in the middle of the field.

From behind its own baseline, the team 1 throws 4 batons at the opposing Kubbs, trying to knock down as many of the opponents' Kubbs as possible.

When the team 1 has 4 of the batons, the team 2 tosses any Kubbs that were knocked down by team 1 back over into team 1's half of the playing field. The tossed Kubbs are stood up wherever they land.

Team 2 now throws all 6 of the batons at team 1's five baseline Kubbs AND those that were thrown back by team 2 and placed upright in the playing field. The Kubbs that stand in the field of play must be attacked first. Only after they are knocked down can team 2 attack the Kubbs on the baseline. If a Kubb on the baseline is knocked down before a field Kubb, then it is set up again. No penalty is extended.

Play continues with each side taking turns throwing the 6 batons until one team has knocked over all the opponents' Kubbs. Once a team succeeds in knocking down all their opponents' Kubbs they must finally knock down the King. When this happens the game is over. If a team knocks down the King before they've toppled all of the opponents' Kubbs the game is over and that team loses.

More Detailed Kubb Rules

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